Burrito Box

I didn’t have much time for lunch today, so I went to one of the closest places to my office, the Burrito Box at 885A Ninth Ave (57-58). Burrito Box is in the Honorary Street Food category since it is basically a storefront with only a couple of stools that sells street food. Last time I had a burrito that was pretty good, but I didn’t want something so heavy today.

Today’s Lunch is an order of grilled steak tacos that cost $7.55 including tax. How would these tacos compare to other NYC tacos? Find out after the jump.


There were 2 tacos in the order. You also get a bag of freshly-made tortilla chips, in addition to small containers of pico de gallo, sour cream and green hot sauce.


These tacos were almost the size of mini-burritos. I opened up the first taco, tasted the green hot sauce – which was very hot – and put some into the taco. Even though the taco was quite thick, there were no beans or rice inside. It was all grilled steak, shredded cheese and lettuce. I re-rolled the taco and took a bite.

The first bite had that great taste of grilled steak, with a little bit of lettuce and cheese. Subsequent bites had more cheese, but each bite had that wonderful grilled steak flavor. And the hot sauce added a nice spicy zing to the mix. The steak was thick, tender and moist, and was even done medium – just how I like it. This was real steak, and there was plenty of it.

Today’s Lunch gets an 8 out of 10. It was nothing too complicated, but the ingredients were fresh and they didn’t skimp on the portions. I initially thought that $7.55 was a bit too much for 2 tacos, but these tacos had real grilled steak and as I said, they were more like mini-burritos. BTW, you can also get hard shell tacos if you prefer.

I’ve found a new go-to place when there’s not much time for lunch, as it’s only one avenue west of Columbus Circle. Next time, I’m going to try a taco salad in one of those taco bowl shells.



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