What Are The Features of Quality Cookware?

quality cookware
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Curious if good quality cookware will affect your cooking? You’ve reached the right place. We use our kitchen every day, as well as kitchen cookware. While cooking, we get used to our kitchen utensils and begin to forget that they also need to be changed with time. After all, over the years, cookware wears out, which affects the quality of cooking, and the food itself. 

To be on the healthy side, we need to eat fresh and natural food that can be provided with quality cookware. After all, if we cook food on a spoiled non-stick pan, it will be useless for our bodies.

Therefore, to cook safely and comfortably, you need to make sure that your kitchenware is updated from time to time. 

What Cookware Should I Necessarily Change? 

Some old utensils are getting uncomfortable to use, but some of them can even be harmful to our health. For instance, released toxic substances such as oligomers when overheating utensils among others.

Non-stick pans 

For every woman, the invention of the non-stick pan (Teflon) was a real holiday. First and foremost, with an ordinary frying pan, cooking was complicated. The food was constantly sticking to the walls and bottom of the pan, therefore it was difficult to clean. 

The modern non-stick frying pan boasts a coating that prevents food from sticking to the walls, which greatly facilitates the cooking process. However, the coating is not as dense as real metal, and can peel, and is easy to damage. The damaged coating that comes into contact with food gets into it and adversely affects its quality. 

Therefore, as soon as the Teflon coating begins to peel, the non-stick pan must be changed immediately.

Stainless Steel Cookware

The average time of using stainless steel kitchen utensils is 3-5 years. Stainless pans and pots usually serve long and true. However, it should be changed as soon as you notice the appearance of negative factors.

  1. Food is heated and cooked unevenly, which means that the integrity of the bottom has been damaged over time. 
  2. If pots or pans have visible external damage, such as pits or potholes. 
  3. Sometimes hot spots appear in the pans. You will notice them immediately because when they appear, the food will start to burn.  

Otherwise, you can at least try to prevent or fix the issues with stainless steel utensils first if possible (refer to experts for a consultation). 

Cutting Board

Also, in addition to basic utensils, do not forget to change the cutting board. The board has a variety of foods on the surface, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, which increases germs (learn more about cutting board safety/contamination practices here). That’s why don’t forget to change the cutting board as soon as deep marks from cuts and dents appear on it.

How to Cook Food So That it Doesn’t Lose its Useful Qualities?  

For food to retain all its useful components after cooking, it’s necessary not only to cook it properly but also to cook it in quality cookware. Among the companies engaged in the manufacture of kitchenware, it’s not easy to find environmentally friendly and durable utensils.

If you decide to replace your old cookware with a new one, you can choose a company like Berlinger Haus. This company has succeeded thanks to its original and practical design. Thanks to its newest technologies used in manufactured products, the food cooks quickly and without losing useful components.

Berlinger Haus is a time-tested company that has been delivering quality kitchenware to customers for 25 years. Their secret of success is in the unique design, and in the fact that all products are made of quality materials, using the latest technologies. 

What Features Provide Quality Cookware?  

First of all, to enjoy the beneficial features of food, it’s better to use good quality utensils that will provide your dishes with a bright and rich taste.

Eterna Coating

Thanks to the latest technologies, kitchen utensils are covered with a durable non-stick coating called Eterna. This coating enables your pots and pans to last longer than 5 years, and the cooking process is more enjoyable and faster. Eterna coating is more durable than Teflon coating, so the appearance of new scratches or damage will be delayed for a longer time.  

Turbo Induction Technology

Turbo induction allows you to cook faster and more efficiently because the improved bottom is designed to perfectly distribute heat over the entire area of the pot or pan. Even heating has a positive effect on the final result of the dish, and the balanced taste. 

Practical Design

Purposeful marble design not only looks aesthetically pleasing and beautiful but also has a practical application. Thanks to the coating, the dish copes better with external stimuli and is more resistant to shocks. 

In addition to all the advantages, the brand is characterized as Eco-friendly, i.e. it does not contain harmful substances that pollute the body and the environment.

In conclusion, if you want to choose good quality cookware, you should pay attention to the details of their features. Make sure they include all of the above.