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Useful Tips on How To Turn a Backyard Shed Into An Outdoor Bar

How To Turn a Backyard Shed Into An Outdoor Bar
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Searching for tips on how to turn a backyard shed into an outdoor bar? You’ve reached the right place. If you’re thinking of turning your backyard shed into an area that offers an escape from the day-to-day stress and hustle, you should definitely think about making your backward shed a bar. It provides plenty of space for a countertop and sleek bar stools, and it’s also a great place to have a few drinks. You can add hanging metal planters, a cozy rug, and a portable bar cart to hold the ice buckets, extra glasses, and ice. Creating a mini-bar in your backyard shed is an easy and enjoyable way to make your backyard a great party spot.

What happens if you don’t have a shed? – you can create an excellent backyard bar with a few glasses, a few bottles of liquor, a couple of mixologists, a kegerator, and a freezer to store ice. You can find all your need from kitchen accessories to beautiful bars at
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Cleaning Your Shed to Turn Into An Outdoor Bar

If you’re planning to turn the backward space into a bar, the first thing you’ll need to do is wash your backyard tools and fertilizer. A thorough sweep and dusting are likely to be required. A coat of paint can speed up the transition. Be sure to remove any chemical residue and rectify bugs’ infestation, as bugs are not something you’d like to disturb your bar.

For those who don’t own closed walls (the two-by-fours show), you can keep them unfinished or put sheetrock on the walls for a polished appearance. Both can be attractive according to the bar’s design.

Design Your Outdoor Bar 

Based on the dimensions of your shed, you must decide if you would like your bar to be an inside space for your friends to enter the shed and have a drink or be a high-end bar accessible from the outside.

If you decide to go outside, you’ll need to think about where you’ll be putting your bar’s top and how you plan to design the walk-up windows. One of the most efficient options is cutting out a wall section and then replacing it with hinges that can be flipped up, as illustrated in the image. You can then install the bar top made of anything from wood to a smaller countertop; then, you’re finished. 

Based on your setup, the addition of shelves for bottles and glasses will help.

If you plan to put an in-bar sink, you must ensure it’s connected; this could mean having permits or employing an experienced plumber. It could also be required for home brewers planning to install several taps for beer; this would be logical should a kegerator not be sufficient.

If you don’t wish to endure plumbing trouble, use disposable cups to have a minimum of dishes to bring into your home to wash in the evening.

If you’re looking to build an indoor bar, work out the best location to set up your bar. You should leave plenty of space behind or to the side to accommodate shelves and three feet between the counter to accommodate the bartender’s workspace. 

Include a few bar stools for guests, perhaps a TV and a dartboard, and create a beautiful bar in your backyard. You might need an electrical connection to your bar if it’s not fitted.

Final Touches of Outdoor Bar

The perfect bar wouldn’t be complete without some music and a couple of memorabilia of a drink or cocktail. Bluetooth speakers are excellent at blasting your phone’s playlist when you don’t want to set up the stereo system inside your bar.

A little lighting could be an excellent addition to the bar to observe the food you’re making. Your guests will enjoy the superb lighting outside the bar when they socialize.

As time goes on, you will probably encounter ways to increase your performance as a “bar owner”, but these easy steps will allow you to start.

A backyard bar is practical and fun. If you own a backyard shed that is merely a storage space, it is possible to convert it into a bar in one weekend.

Not Much Expertise is Required to Make A Backyard Bar

Unlike many garden projects that require some know-how, you don’t need a lot of experience or expertise to make a shed bar – and not much money. We believe anyone can do this within a couple of hours or a maximum of one week, and we’ve even examined it against other projects to show that.

Conversion from Shed to Bar:

Experience: none

Skill Level: Amateur

Difficulty Level: Low

Cost: Less than $200

Time: Within a few hours for some, maximum a week


Experience: Required

Skill Level: Professional

Difficulty Level: High

Price: Starts at $1,500

Time: 1 to 2 days minimum for an experienced professional


Experience: Required

Skill Level: Professional

Difficulty Level: High

Cost: Average cost $8,000

Time: less than a single day for an experienced professional

Still unconvinced? Think of it this way: in the event of an afternoon of effort, you’ve got the chance to earn bragging rights for the rest of your life. We know that there’s no boring thing about having a bar in your backyard.

Want to get some cool ideas? Watch this video:

Final Words: Turning Backward Sheds

Some homeowners can turn their backyard sheds into outdoor bars, while others may need professional installation. Turning a shed into an outdoor bar requires careful planning and a well-structured schedule. A to-do list should be prepared ahead of time, including a budget and a timeline for completion. Remember, drinking in your home will be less expensive than a pint at the pub, and your buddies can join you.

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