Cooking with Yogurt: How to Use Yogurt To Cook Almost Anything

Cooking with Yogurt
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Yogurt goes with everything. From oatmeals to base for different salad dressings, to cookies, yogurt is a healthy and practical ingredient that can be used for that extra flavor. 

Greek yogurt, frozen yogurt, yogurt in smoothies — you name it, people love it in many forms. 

Yogurt is great for gut health, as a summer refreshment, and as a helpful probiotic that can make any meal more delicious. 

Per definition, yogurt is fermented milk, because the cooking process combines warmed milk with bacteria to create that distinct sourish flavor. 

As such, it can be used as sour cream or even as buttermilks. 

Use Yogurt the Right Way

There are many different types of yogurt, but they are all made from the same ingredients. However, they may differ in nutrients. For example, to understand the difference between greek and regular yogurt, you should learn more about their structure; therefore the biggest difference between greek and regular yogurt lies in their structure and nutrients: for example, regular yogurt comes with fewer calories and more calcium, while Greek yogurt is packed with more protein and less sugar. As a result, Greek yogurt is much thicker. 

However, both are packed with probiotics, and as such easily promote better digestion, weight loss, and heart health. But… When it comes to cooking, should there be some preferences? Should you go for the regular or thicker yogurt? 

All in, it comes down to what you are cooking, and what your preferences are. 

As a general rule, greek yogurt is a great go-to option when you want a sweet breakfast with oatmeal and fruit, while regular yogurt is great for more regular cooking. 

Here is how you can use yogurt to make meals richer in structure, and more fully in taste. 

  • Use yogurt to create better dips and dressings. Mix it with garlic, cucumber, or even with cilantro for a more spicy taste. For the salad, mix yogurt vinegar, and olive oil to add flavor to the everyday salad. 
  • Eat it straight from the container. Use it to make chia pudding — place it in the fridge overnight, with two big spoons of chia seed. Enjoy the morning. 
  • Add yogurt to your sup. This is especially great if you are using a cold soup, like gazpacho. You can also heat up the soup a bit and add some yogurt inside. 
  • For protein-packed smoothies, use yogurt. This is a great way to make protein-rich and healthier smoothies in no time. It goes well both with vegetables and fruit, especially during the summertime. 
  • Use it to make muffins. Even if the recipe doesn’t require yogurt, make sure that you put some in it. This will make muffins moist and denser. 
  • Use it as a healthier mayo option. Yogurt is a great item to lighten up chicken salad, dips, and even pizza. 
  • Did you know that yogurt is a great item to use for marinades? It can easily break down the enzymes in meat and similar structures. Therefore, use yogurt instead of buttermilk. 

If you want to enjoy healthier meals, use yogurt to enrich them. For maximum taste, use full-fat yogurt, both for cooking and eating. 

If you want a lighter option, use the one with less fat. All in, low-fat or no-fat yogurt is equally healthy as regular or greek yogurt — just make sure that you mix them the right way.

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