Yesterday we told you about the Taste of the Parks Showcase, which highlighted the wonderful current and future vendors selling great food and drink in our parks.  One of the new vendors is Kelvin Natural Slush, the 2010 Vendy Award Winner for Best Dessert, who will be at the Little Red Square on the SW corner of 6th Ave and Bleecker St.

As part of this new venture, Kelvin’s team came up with an  “Ice Cube” for this new location.  Created by architect Troy Conrad Therrien, Chief Architect, Cloud Communication at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, designer Aaron Harowitz and sustainability consultant firm SymbiaAudit, the Ice Cube represents a new type of vending unit unlike anything else in the country.

Through the use of a unique hybrid diesel/electric power system, the Kelvin Ice Cube runs on approximately half the electricity that would be required with a traditional electric arrangement.  This custom designed hybrid system allows the Ice Cube to run largely on batteries while using a special low-decibel generator for much shorter intervals and captures and reuses waste thermal energy, which ultimately keeps both the slush and the city cool and natural.

Good thing the Ice Cube will be energy efficient, because in the month of July, Kelvin expects to sell over 1,500 gallons of slush flavors including citrus, spicy ginger and green and black tea.

I’m sure you already know to follow Kelvin Slush on twitter here.

ginger slush with fresh mint