Discover the Joys of Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide

With most people having such busy schedules as a rule a lot of people think they don’t have time to cook. Hectic family commitments, uncontrollable heavy workloads seem to frighten people into not cooking.

The unwritten and often untrue rule is that a lot of people don’t think they have enough days in the week to cook a fairly decent meal. This in return results in unhealthy thinking and an unbalanced diet. With junk food making its way onto every food shop run.

The truth is there are ways to achieve this without needing to overload your weekdays by oven watching. Most people want an enjoyable tension-free meal after a long day.

There is lots of great cooking advice out there, and Sous-vide is one convenient way to track what you’re eating, although it takes a small amount of preparation. You’ll need time to cook your food as this way of cooking does take some time and you won’t have to pot watch your food.

It means preparing your food in advance, then sealing your food to be cooked. With the heating of the food done by placing your food into warm water, there will be no more need to use a microwave.

What does it mean to Sous Vide cook?

There really aren’t many restrictions on what can be cooked. You should take a little bit of time to research the best way to seal and cook your food is. Sous vide is when you place the food you’d like to be cooked into either a jar, air-tight container, or a vacuum-sealed food bag and cook your food by using water.

Sous Vide Cooking
Cook your food by using water.

When looking at what can be cooked in the sous vide way be sure to look at temperatures and the best methods. It may be that the food you wish to cook is best cooked in a sous vide machine or what is known as a bath.

You will have to check on your food but not the whole time you are cooking. In truth, the main reason you will have to check your cooking is purely to make sure the water you are using hasn’t evaporated and left you with a mess.

Why Should You Try This Cooking Method?

Portion size is a consideration for everyone and they will think about this when serving up food. Often the person who is plating up the food will always add a few more spoons. Sous vide cooking can provide nutritional advantages and is healthier than some other methods.

The forever growing obesity problem is recognized as an extremely important issue. It is becoming a widely talked about subject that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. With more people attending weight loss classes as well as dieting society, it’s not just what we’re consuming but exactly how much.

In the past society has always concentrated on the weight issue being associated with what food is being consumed. Now with technology, more people taking an interest in losing weight society is looking at food differently. No longer are we concentrating solely on what is being eaten, recognizing how much is being eaten is a key problem.

Healthy Eating and Sous Vide

How much people are consuming and the way they are cooking food is something that is being taken more seriously than before. Is it ok to consume more food because it’s deemed bad? is it ok to have a piece of chicken with the skin off even though it has been fried? And so many more questions.

There are many myths about healthy eating and educating how you see food is one of the healthiest ways to improve your relationship with food. This doesn’t just mean what you’re putting into your body but also how much you are consuming.

Reasons For Using Sous Vide Cooking Method 

Sous Vide cooking is a simple way to control portion sizes and fat consumption. With the food being cooked in a sealed container you will not be tempted to add more salt, more fat, or more oil and even if you are you can not so it is a win. This means it is easier to control the number of calories you should have in a day. You can always add more seasoning if needed when your food is served.

A little organization is needed, you can get all that you need from this method of cooking. With the method of Sous Vide cooking only using water it is one of the healthiest ways to cook, with no extra added fat, lard, or butter. Before sealing your food, you can prepare what portion size is suitable for who is consuming it and label it before cooking.


When cooking most people will be tempted to pick, everyone is guilty of taking the odd carrot before plating up the dinner. When using the Sous vide method this is not an option as your food is sealed, you can no longer reach out and pinch the extra 3 slices of beef that no one knows about.

There are a lot of foods that you can cook in the Sous vide method, give the internet a good search first. Watch videos that are available to help you educate yourself.

There will be foods that you didn’t think possible to cook using this method. Look at what cuts of meat are best to cook in this way, some cuts of meat will be much nicer. Cooked in this way, some of what you may describe as poor cuts are best cooked over a long amount of time at a slower cooking pace. This is why research is key to Sous Vide cooking, you will discover a whole new world of foods you didn’t think you would ever eat.