Tips For Making The Most of New York’s Food Trucks

New York's Food Trucks

You can’t live in or visit NYC without immersing yourself in the food truck culture. Nearly every event in the city has at least one food truck, and there are even events devoted specifically to food trucks like the NYC Food Truck Fest. If you’re looking to hire a food truck for an event – check this page. If you’re just visiting the big apple or exploring its food scene, read on…

Whether you’re walking from food truck to food truck in a neighborhood or driving to various events, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Start Your Day Early

Want to get the most out of your food truck experience, start by checking out food trucks early in the morning. There are plenty of trucks that offer breakfast foods, lunch, dinner and cocktails. If you plan your trip out right, you may even have room for dessert.

Don’t forget to pace yourself and don’t fill-up at one food truck, so you have the opportunity to enjoy different vendors all day long. One can always experience a food truck adventure on their own, but if you go with others, you can share different food items and still have more room for later.

Finding Food Trucks

If you’re visiting NYC, a quick Google Search will lead you to food trucks in your area or to events with food trucks (like food or music festivals, etc.), but don’t hesitate to ask some locals where their favorite food trucks are (don’t worry, they won’t bite). Keep in mind that asking about a favorite food truck will ultimately end in a similar debate in regards to where to get the best New York slice, bagel, or even cup of coffee (which may actually be at a food truck).

NYC Food TrucksPlan Out Your Trip

Whether you’re walking around NYC or driving to different events, it’s important to plan out your trip ahead of time. Nothing is more frustrating and unsafe than an out-of-towner that’s lost. NYC is an amazing but overwhelming city. It’s easy to lose focus, especially if you’re trying to read directions. Whether you’re a pedestrian or motorist, one of the best ways to avoid an accident is to avoid distractions, so you don’t end up needing a lawyer.

Always pay attention to the road, when your driving and if you’re a pedestrian, keep your head up and be alert, especially near intersections and crosswalks.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Depending on which food trucks you visit, you may be able to score a high-end artisanal cocktail or a craft beer. Whether you’re eating an All-American hot dog with all the fixings or an organic, grass-fed beef slider, alcohol compliments many food truck meals.

As you would when drinking at a bar or restaurant, don’t drive if you’ve been drinking alcohol. Fortunately, NYC is full of alternative transportation.

Don’t Forget To Tip

Even if you’re visiting a food truck for the first and only time, it’s always a nice idea to tip. Many food truck vendors put in long hours and work fast to serve as many hungry people as possible. Like what you’re eating? It’s only fair to show your gratitude.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

This may go without saying, particularly if you’re planning on walking all over the city, but it’s essential to wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Food truck lines can be long, so a comfy and supportive pair of shoes can do wonders for your back and feet.