Q’s pulled pork sliders.

Jonathan Eismann’s Q American Barbeque has joined Miami’s meals-on-wheels craze with a shiny silver cart selling $3 sliders of beef brisket or pulled pork.  The retrofitted hotdog cart bears the new snazzy orange and brown logo. Look for the Q wagon at the monthly Second Saturday Art Walk and follow it on Twitter @QMiami. [Miami Herald]

All Fired Up’s Troy Marcus Johnson dishes the goods to late-night clubgoing “ladies and dudes who look like ladies”.  Catfish and salmon get a crunchy cornmeal coating, shrimp take only a light dusting of seasoned flour before they’re flash-fried, chicken wings get “fried hard” resulting in cracker-crisp crust and perfectly juicy meat, and the massive grill, attached to the back of the truck, smokes rib tips for four hours after the meat soaks in Johnson’s grandfather’s marinade. [Time Out Chicago]

Boo-Kies Burgers has been serving up some great food in Burlington for seven years, including burgers, hot dogs, breakfast sandwiches, gravy fries, cheese fries, Philly cheesesteaks, and the Boo-Kie Bowl (a plate of fries topped with a burger patty, drenched with gravy).  Count us in! [Serious Eats]