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A few NYC food trucks are stepping up to help the Japanese people who were devastated by the recent earthquake and tsunami, and we hope even more will join this greatly-needed effort.

Last Friday, Big D’s Grub Truck donated 10% of its proceeds from the day to Doctors Without Borders, who are currently in Japan helping victims there.

Yesterday, Kelvin Slush came out before their official April 1st re-opening to help the people of Japan.  They told people to pay what they want, and donated 100% of the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross.  Kelvin told us they raised around $1,800 from this effort.  It may not sound like much, but if everyone would donate what they can afford, it will add up quickly.

Today, Big D’s Grub Truck is going to continue their fund raising effort by offering free “Hope Flan”, delicious home made flan made by Big D’s friend Brenda.  The suggested donation for Hope Flan is $3 or more, and 100% of Hope Flan proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.  They will be on 40th St & 6th Ave today.

Thank you Kelvin and Big D.  We hope that many other food trucks follow your very thoughtful lead.