We’ve been in touch for several weeks with the people launching Souvlaki Gr(eece), a new food truck officially opening on the streets of NYC this week.

They had a soft launch today (Sun) that we couldn’t make, but they told us it went very well despite the rain.  We’ll definitely be catching up with Souvlaki Gr this week.

souvlaki food

The menu looks great – charcoal grilled meat on a warm pita with homemade sauce – simple, tasty and inexpensive.

The menu consists of chicken or pork souvlaki, Greek burgers, and breakfasts of cheese pie, spinach pie or honey & yogurt.  Check out the full menu after the jump.

souvlaki menu

According to their website, here’s how it all started:


A casual conversation amongst friends over the World Cup match between Greece and Argentina resulted in our quest to introduce New Yorkers to the most popular street food in Greece.
Despite this city’s vast culinary landscape, a traditional souvlaki is nearly impossible to find. We all agreed it was something New Yorkers would surely love.

Focusing on authentic preparation and coupled with the atmosphere of the Greek islands, we want the experience of ordering from our souvlaki truck to feel as though you’ve been transported to Greece.

We are excited to be able to introduce Souvlaki GR to you. We want you to enjoy our ambiance, share in our food and come back for more!

You can follow them on twitter here and facebook here.