nom nom truck

Food truck wars have taken on a whole new meaning in L.A., where even the building security guards are getting into the act.

In New York, building security may call the cops to get food trucks to move, and might even say they are a terrorist threat, but in L.A., security guards are assaulting food truck fans and plugging parking meters with coins to keep food trucks from parking.

According to NBC-L.A., that’s what went down at Museum Square at 5700 Wilshire Blvd.  A food truck fan posted a video on YouTube showing a violent confrontation between a food truck lover and what appears to be a security officer of Museum Square.

The poster wrote:

“Museum Square thugs have stepped up their illegal acts to now include battery! Another Citizen follows a Museum Square Building Employee in his hourly rounds of feeding multiple parking meters (illegal act) due to the buildings coordinated parking blockade (another illegal act) to keep Food Trucks from competing with the restaurants on the property, THEN has an act of battery committed on him.”

Police have been alerted and the worker has been identified, but there’s no clear indication if any action was taken.

What is clear is that several food trucks have moved to 5800 and 5900 Wilshire.

“We’ve had such a great experience with the food trucks,” said a worker inside 5700 Wilshire who wishes to remain anonymous. “The only reason that they are doing this is to prevent the trucks from parking. (The building) workers, engineers, security, even restaurant employees are parking in the meters before 9am, before the trucks arrive.”

Building administrators refused comment.

“It’s just ridiculous what they are doing.  If (restaurants) want to keep business from going to the food trucks, they should entice us better not prevent our choices,” said the worker.

Other food truck fans have noticed the drama too.

This video was posted to YouTube last July, showing the “ballet” of workers parking cars in the meter spots: