A relatively new addition to the New York Street Food scene is the Katchkie Truck.  I’ve only eaten there once, a few weeks ago, but their pulled bbq chicken sandwich was phenomenal!

The truck has a small menu with only a farm burger, farm veggie burger and either a pulled bbq chicken or pork sandwich.  Last week when I was at the truck for the second time, it was chicken, and since I’ve already had that, I went for the farm burger ($10).

The Katchkie Truck doesn’t offer a la carte – you can only get a meal for lunch which includes a sandwich, side dish, salad and a drink, which was fresh strawberry lemonade both times I went there. Yum!

Much of the food at the Katchkie Truck comes from their eponymous farm in upstate New York.  Locally sourced food is good, but from your own farm is even better.

The burger came on a Martin’s potato bun with NY State cheddar cheese and a slice of tomato from their farm.  I also asked for ketchup and mustard on the side.

I grew up in New York, where people don’t put mustard on burgers, but I got into the habit when visiting my cousin in Atlanta several times as a teenager.  They often put mustard and ketchup on burgers down south, and I liked it.

Digging into the burger, it was pretty tasty, but a bit too well done.  The burger itself had a nice flavor to it, but I would have liked at least a little pink in the middle.  The burger came from a place called Meiller’s Farm, so I wasn’t as worried about eating it rare as if it came from one of those giant factories, where beef gets contaminated regularly.

The burger was average sized, so don’t expect a huge pile of beef, but with the cheese, tomato, bun and sides, there was plenty of food.

There are 3 side dishes to choose from – cole slaw, potato salad and an heirloom tomato/cucumber salad.  I usually get cole slaw, but had that last time, so I got the potato salad.

The potato salad was made with hard boiled eggs, dill, mayo and something with a little bite like scallions or chives.  I really like egg in my potato salad, and this was no exception, making it a very tasty side dish.

The Farm Burger from Katchkie Farms was pretty good.  The burger was a little too done, but even if if was cooked to medium, it would have been tough to top that pulled bbq chicken sandwich from a few weeks ago.  That lunch was definitely in my top 5 lunches so far this year.

The two women in front of me on line got veggie burgers, which looked good too, but what I really want to try next is the pulled bbq pork sandwich.