Miami Street Food: Bongo Brothers Re-Opening As Miami Food Machine


Feel like Miami Street Food? We haven’t seen the Bongo Brothers Cuban Food truck around for a while, so we sent them an email to make sure everything was ok.

While everything is good in terms of health and family, they’ve been in legal limbo for the past 4 months. A well-known celebrity couple based in Miami sent them a cease & desist letter due to the similarity in their names.

They didn’t actually get sued, but respectfully changed their name (to avoid getting sued). Danny told us the Estefans were nice about it, and their attorney said the Miami Food Machine name was fine, so there shouldn’t be any more legal issues to deal with.

The Miami Food Machine officially opens Wednesday (3/20). Click through to see their new menu, new facebook and twitter handle, and more.

The Cubano (credit: NYSF)

Danny describes their new concept as Innovative Miami Street Food. They’re taking Cuban/Caribbean Cuisine and making it street food accessible.

The menu has sliders, tacos and rice bowls with choices such as South Beach Chicken, 305 Rib-Eye Steak, 10 Hour Roasted Pork and Ginger Mojo Tofu.

Don’t worry, they will still have weekly specials from the Bongo Brothers days like The Cubano, Ropa Vieja and Lechon.

The official reopening is Wednesday March 20th. You can find out where they will be on twitter here or on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed. Their new Miami Food Machine website is here and their facebook is here.

Although we are in LA this week, we will get to the Miami Food Machine when we return. It will be great having Albert and Danny back on the NYC streets…and with a new menu!

Chicken w/guava BBQ sauce (credit: NYSF)


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