5 Food and Wine Pairings You Haven’t Tried Before

food and wine pairings
Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash.com

We’re all used to having cheese and wine, or wine with a cooked meal. But have you ever had a glass of wine with a slice of carrot cake or a bowl of ice cream? To help you experiment with your wine and discover new ways to appreciate it, here’s a list of 5 food and wine pairings you haven’t tried before. 

1. Hemp

It probably wasn’t on your list of things to pair with wine, but pre rolled hemp will surely be near the top once you’ve given it a go. Hemp or CBD is the therapeutic element of marijuana instead of the active cannabinoid that’s said to make you “high.”

That means you benefit from a more calming, tranquil experience when sampling your wine, allowing you to appreciate the complexity of the wine more profoundly and enjoy its full bouquet.

2. Lemon Bars

Lemon bars, lemon cheesecake, or lemon tarts aren’t what you’d usually associate having a glass of wine with. However, the tangy, acidic flavour of the lemon can help draw out some of the more subtle flavours of the wine.

Consider pairing your lemon bars with a dry white wine like an Australian Chardonnay or a German Riesling. The citrus flavours in the wine act as a natural complement to the citrus in the lemon and, contrary to expectations, combine for a match made in heaven.

3. Vaping

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a glass of wine with some food without having to feel full and bloated afterwards? Thanks to vaping, now you can.

There are all manner of different flavour vapes you can get, depending on the experience you want to have, and there are also plenty of nicotine-free options if you don’t want to inhale that chemical.

Want to experience a sweet wine and strawberry pairing without eating the strawberries? Take a few puffs on a strawberry-flavoured vape before you take a sip, and the experience on your palette is almost identical.

4. Carrot Cake

You might imagine the right setting for a carrot cake is in a cafe or a quaint tea room accompanied with a cup of Earl Grey. But have you thought of having it with a glass of sherry?

It’s the subtle spiciness in the carrot cake that makes it such a perfect pairing with a dry Fino Sherry. This sherry isn’t too sweet, so it lets the flavours of the carrot cake sing while the nuttiness of the sherry complements the hazelnuts sprinkled on top of the cake.

5. Kebab

Far too often, a Kebab is something people have after a night of heavy drinking rather than something that can be enjoyed in its own right. But its popularity is on the rise, and there’s no reason not to take your kebab enjoyment to the next level. 

Why not consider pairing it with a full-bodied white wine like a Pinot Gris? The richness of the meaty meal will sit well with a heavier, full-bodied wine that will prove satisfying on the palate. 

Find Your New Favourite Pairing

Many people only have wine with cheese or a cooked meal, but wine is a much more versatile drink than some would give it credit for. 

Try the pairings we’ve written about here – you might find it opens you up to a new way to appreciate a bottle of good wine. And once you’ve tried these, you can even start creating your own unique pairings. There are so many great ways to enjoy wine, and you may stumble upon a pairing that turns out to be your favourite.

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