Good's Trailer

We told you about the great tradition of food trailers in Austin, as well as the gastropod in Miami, a converted 1962 vintage Airstream trailer.

Now comes Goods, a restored 1946 Spartan trailer that serves as Goods’ kitchen on a formerly empty lot in Williamsburg.  Tables and chairs will be in the lot, which now has an elaborate garden.  Both the kitchen and the landscaping were designed by Michael Byrnes, a member of 3rd Ward, a local arts organization.

The chef is Alex McCrery and the menu is burgers, hot dogs and fish and chips.  There will also be brunch, beignets and coffee from Intelligentsia.

Goods, which Mr. Goodman said will operate year-round, eventually with a liquor license, is slated to open around the week of June 9. [NY Times]


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