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I was in Times Square at lunchtime, picking up 2 for 1 tickets to a show for Broadway Week. If you still want 2 for 1 Broadway tickets, get online quick. Most of the best tickets are already gone.

Since I was in Times Square, I decided to try Snackbox, a new kiosk in the pedestrian plaza on Broadway at 46th St. They have a decent variety of items for a Times Square street vendor with hot dogs, chili dogs, lobster rolls (?), Sigmund pretzels, donuts, coffee and a few other things.

I wasn’t brave enough to try an $11.75 lobster roll (maybe one day). Today’s Lunch is Snack Pack 2, which is 2 hot dogs and a bag of chips for $7.95. You can see the Snackbox main menu here, the Snack Pack menu here, and the dessert menu here.

The hot dogs are first steamed, then grilled, which gives them a decent snap. The quality of the hot dogs themselves was decent, but not great.

The buns were nicely toasted, although they had that top-sliced thing I’m not crazy about.

I got spicy pineapple relish on one dog and cucumber relish on the other for an extra $0.50 each. Ketchup, mustard and sauerkraut were free of charge.

The pineapple relish wasn’t really spicy, but I expected it wouldn’t be in the middle of Times Square. The sweet pineapple and spicy mustard were a nice combination though. The cucumber relish was standard pickle relish, which I wasn’t crazy about paying extra for.

Today’s Lunch was a little pricey, with 2 hot dogs, toppings and a bag of chips totaling $9.24 after tax. If I was a tourist, this would be fine. As a New Yorker, I would rather get a foot-long hotdog from the Carnegie Deli about 8 blocks uptown for $5.95.

Sigmund pretzels at Snackbox




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