With the Tacos Y Quesadillas Mexico cart expanding from one to three carts over the past month, I wanted to stop by to check them out again.  But I also wanted to try something new.

When I approached the cart and checked out their sign, I found an item for Today’s Lunch I hadn’t tried yet – a Torta Cubano ($8).  What exactly would a Mexican Cuban sandwich taste like?  Click through to find out.

Taking the sandwich out of the bag, it was a very weighty sandwich.  It also didn’t look like the Cuban sandwiches I’ve had from Bongo Brothers or the QBA Cuban Kitchen.  For starters, there were beans and jalapeños in the sandwich.

But I could also see lettuce, American cheese (not Swiss), tomatoes, chorizo and pork.  What I didn’t see at first were ham and a fried egg (!), but they were in the sandwich too.

At $8, the Torta Cubano is probably the most expensive item on the menu at Tacos Y Quesadillas Mexico, but it is also one of the most filling, with lots of different flavors.

At first, the sandwich was more like a regular torta, with the pork, cheese. lettuce and jalapeños – but as I got deeper into it, the ham, chorizo and fried egg came more into prominence.

Towards the end of the sandwich, it was more like a ham, egg and cheese with a few other ingredients, including jalapeños 🙂

Today’s Lunch from Tacos Y Quesadillas Mexico was very interesting.  It was not that different from a pork torta at first, but once I got into the ham and egg, it was much different (and better).

With all the ingredients in the torta, the bread did start breaking apart towards the end, but it was not too much of a problem.

Overall, this was a tasty sandwich that I would get again – but it has to be on a day when I’m pretty hungry.