How Is The Fish Escabeche at Manos Peruanos?

(credit: NYSF)
Manos Peruanos (credit: NYSF)

Ever had a Fish Escabeche? Well, we’ve become big fans of Peruvian food in the past year or so. We didn’t know anything about Peruvian cuisine until Morocho popped up on Union Square West last year.

A few months later, Manos Peruanos appeared on 47th St between 6th & 7th Ave. Between the two, we’ve gotten a crash course in Peruvian food.

As we often say, keep an eye out for Daily Specials, which usually make good use of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Sometimes that means fish, one of our favorite foods to eat.

Manos Peruanos had escabeche de pescado as yesterday’s Especial de Hoy, and it cost $10. No worries if you don’t know Spanish. Just about everything on the menu was shown in both Spanish and English.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

Another thing we often say is get there early for specials. We got there at 1:10 and received the last fish special of the day. While we were waiting for our lunch, someone else ordered fish escabeche, and she had to tell the customer there were no more orders left.

Fish escabeche is lightly breaded fish, and in this case it was sauteed. The fish was not heavily spiced, nor did it have a very strong fish taste. It was basically lightly breaded mild fish, period.

We really enjoy the side dishes in Peruvian cuisine too. Here they included hard boiled eggs and sweet potatoes, two of our favorite foods. There was also a black olive, which we are starting to acquire a taste for.

One of the surprises in this lunch was the red onions. We’ve always considered red onions to be a condiment rather than a side dish, but at Manos Peruanos they were pickled, sliced into wide strips, and delicious!

There was also a second surprise in this lunch that we didn’t see at first. Under the fish fillet and red onions was…another fish fillet. The 2nd fish fillet made this a very filling lunch, along with the sweet potatoes, eggs and white rice. It also made this a good deal.

Manos Peruanos aren’t that new anymore, and they have really raised their game since that first arroz con pollo we had last October. That was pretty good, but this was excellent. Definitely one of our favorite lunches of 2013.

We cannot find any social media for Menos Peruanos, but the are located on 47th St between 6th & 7th Ave every weekday for lunch. Check ’em out. You’ll probably enjoy it…even the grilled skewered veal heart.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)


  1. How could I miss this cart all this time?! I’m going there today to check it out. Thank you for this blog – I hope you find a buyer who will carry on your great service to NYC’s vendy-chasers.

  2. I went there thinking about fish or veal heart but there was no pescado yesterday and I decided to take their advice that Lomo Saltado is “The Best” and it was very good. The beef strips were remarkably tender and the onions fried just right (which for me is no small compliment I’m veryarticular about onion consistency). I’m also generally skeptical about anything that has french fries as an ingredient, or fries period (I feel bad when the Frites and Meats guys urge me to get fries with their burgers and I see the sadness on their face when I have to turn them down), but it worked in this case. The meat juices and tart cooking sauce settled nicely below the dish and by the time I got to the french fries they were all swollen with goodness. I don’t know if everyone would see that as a plus but I do. The rice was as good as white rice can be – again thanks to the brothy liquid. Still, I think “the best” is a stretch. I was watching them prepare other customers’ meals and getting lots of cooking vapors and am not sure I choose the best dish for me. Personality counts a lot for me and they were super sweet. Of course, part of why I’m so devoted to the street vendors is I have never encountered a sullen or jerky street vendor and most are downright enthused. In any case, I’ll definitely be back to this one. They are right next to my shoeshine guy, the legendary “Sir, the shoes, how long are you going to ignore that?!” Don.

  3. Lomo saltado is the next dish on my list to try there. Your review is great, and there’s enough to make it a Guest Post. Did you happen to take any photos?

  4. I took photos but I just looked at them and they are blurrier versions of the cart and menu photos you took. I dind’t photoograph the Lomo Saltado. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Did you email me?


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