53rd and 6th Food Cart
53rd and 6th Food Cart

The trial started yesterday in the infamous “falafel cart” slaying of October 2006. According to news reports, a teenager and 2 friends cut in line at the well-known 53rd and 6th food cart. One person in line left and got into their SUV, then drove up and stabbed and killed one of the line-cutters. The man said he was acting in self-defense, but walking away and coming back to stab someone doesn’t exactly sound like self-defense. The media calls it the “falafel cart” stabbing, but this cart doesn’t even serve falafel. It was also 4am at the time. I wonder if the defendant is going to end up cutting in line at the prison commisary. [Gothamist]

Did you ever have someone try to cut in line, and if so, what was the outcome?


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