Single-Door Display Fridges: The Top Reasons Why a Small Food Business Should Have One

Single-Door Display Fridges
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Display fridges can change how you run your food business. However, there are a lot of people who don’t see the benefits that they can get from one of these effective pieces of equipment. Curious? Make sure to check out the article below about the reasons why single-door display fridges are key for your business.

One of the common mistakes that many new food business owners often make is trying to reuse old equipment for their business. Whether you are in the food service, pharmacy, or even flower shops, you will always try to save as much as possible and use old used equipment that you can buy for a cheaper price. 

However, this mistake can haunt us in the end, especially, if you need to cater your service to a well-targeted market. For example, if you are in the street food business, having a refrigerator will come in handy for you, in more than one way. Whether you have a food cart, a food truck, a stall, or a small food restaurant in New York City, you want your food equipment to be durable and useful, also for sales and marketing purposes. 

A lot of business owners often think that small display fridges are pretty much the same as the refrigerator that they have at home. Little that they know, these single-door fridges can do a lot of good things for their business.

If you are a new business owner who is planning on buying the wrong fridge for your business, then you might want to read this article. Down below are the top reasons why you should be buying a small display fridge for your business, instead of using the same refrigerator that you have at home.

What is a Display Fridge?

Display fridges are often used commercially in restaurants and other food venues. Display fridges are practically refrigerators with transparent doors that allow people to see what is inside the fridge. 

Display fridges don’t have the compartments that you see in a normal refrigerator. But rather, you will see multiple shelves to accommodate the products that you are selling.

Display fridges come in various designs and purposes. For instance, the floral display fridge differs from the commercial display fridges that you use for cakes and beverages. They differ in specifications and features but they have the same purpose.

The Top Reasons for Using a Display Fridge

Keeping products in better condition

One of the reasons why you should be using a display fridge instead of other fridges is that it keeps your products fresh. Your residential refrigerator is not equipped to keep your products chilled to their proper temperature. 

Aside from that, it can only keep a certain number of products to be chilled or cooled. Its temperature is set to cater to your product’s storing needs. For example, floral display fridges are set at a certain temperature to ensure that the flowers are fresh 24/7. Display fridges at bakeries are set to a certain degree to ensure that your cakes and their frosting won’t melt or get spoiled.

It is a display fridge for a reason

Another important reason why a display fridge is crucial for your business is that it showcases the products that you are offering. It’s a wonderful Sales tool! 

Whether you are running a flower or a bakery shop, your tiny display fridge can show your customers what you have in store for them. You can plan the showcasing well by placing your best seller in the top center, and other items on the sides. 

Hence, this is another reason why you should not be using your residential refrigerator for business. Your fridge doesn’t have that capacity. It doesn’t have that transparent door that makes it a marketing tool that allows you to execute your sales strategy.

Single-Door Display Fridges for small Food Business
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Easy to clean

Another key reason why you should invest in a display fridge is that they are easy to maintain. As business owners, our fridges should be easy to clean and maintain. 

Display fridges mostly have a transparent design, it allows you to see everything inside including the dirt and excess frosting. You can then easily and quickly clean the dirt and ensure the tidiness of your establishment.

Commercial Storage

Lastly, another reason why you should invest in a single-door display fridge is that it is made for commercial storage. This means that it has a bigger storage capacity compared to ordinary fridges. Also, its cooling system is designed to ensure that all your products are chilled evenly.

The refrigerators we have at home come with several compartments for specific reasons. For example, you have a chiller for your vegetable and a freezer for your meat and other goods. A commercial freezer, on the other hand, doesn’t have these compartments. And, the temperature remains constant throughout the fridge, as all the shelves have the same temperature. This is a key difference from a residential refrigerator.

What to look for in Single-door Display Fridge

Size Capacity

One of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a single-door display fridge is its size capacity. Depending on the product that you are selling, you will have to consider the size capacity and calculate how many items you can display.

Single-door display fridges for beverages may have a better capacity compared to floral display fridges or cake display fridges. Make sure that you do your research on the best size capacity for your business.


Another important thing that you need to consider is that it should be mobile. Hence, you need to consider display fridges that come with wheels. It makes it easier for you to move your display fridges from one location to another. This is key for executing your sales tactics.

The size of your shelving

Another important factor to consider is the size of your shelving. Display fridges have different shelving features. For example, cake display fridges have a tilted design on the shelves while floral display fridges have adjustable shelving. Beverage display fridges have shelves that remain in their positions.

Make sure that you check the shelving before buying a fridge. You might buy the wrong display fridge for your business. Remember, there are tons of commercial display fridges out there, make sure that you select the right display fridge for your products.


Lastly, consider your budget. Single-door display fridges are often cheaper. However, depending on the type of display fridge, you might shell out a little more cash than expected. 

Hence, before buying a fridge, always do your research. Find out what kind of display fridge is relevant for your food business and products, and learn about the main brands in the market. Then, understand what size capacity you need, and then see how much is the cheapest option and how much is the most expensive one. 


Investing in a commercial display fridge is one of the wisest moves that you can do for your food business. It helps you promote your products while keeping them fresh and chilled. So, if you are – stop using a residential refrigerator, and start doing your homework on selecting the right display fridge. You are missing out on the profits that you can get from using one.