Food Business Marketing: How to Make the Most Out of Stadium Branding

stadium branding
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Large public events are coming back, and that gives your food business a great opportunity. There is no better place for branding than a stadium, as content will be exposed to a massive crowd, and your logo (and product!) will get huge exposure that will stick in people’s minds. 

The catch-22 of this opportunity is you’re definitely not going to be the only business looking to take advantage, so it’s important to know how to stand out. Whether you’re putting your ad or food in a local arena before a high school hockey game or in front of a worldwide audience, there are several ways to optimize your branding and get the maximum benefit. 

Places for Stadium Branding

The first step in successful stadium branding is to understand the best place to showcase it. It’s popular to put logos and other branding on the arena’s exterior, like on signs, concession stands, tunnels, and even on the arena itself. Even if a stadium has not done something like this before, they’re usually open to new partnership placements. 

Interior branding, such as banners hanging over the event space, is usually more expensive but will give you prolonged exposure. One of the best ways to get this is to sponsor an event directly, allowing you mass exposure for a limited time and potentially developing a long-standing relationship with the facility. 

Acknowledge the Event

It’s important not to fall back on generic branding because while it might give you exposure, it’s less likely to stick in viewers’ minds. Reflect the event hosting you, so it may work better to develop a variation of your logo that reflects the sporting event or music event you’re supporting. 

Branding a specific event has several benefits, including appealing more to your target audience. If it works well, it could become a recurring marketing element that will show up year after year. The more associated your company is with quality events, the more loyalty you’ll build. 

Be Different

There is a good chance that at least at first, your logo or product will be one in a sea of logos and products competing for attention. Before you set up your display or stand, make sure to find out who you’re sharing your space with and figure out how to differentiate yourself from them and stick in viewers’ minds. 

This can be as simple as contrast. Many companies try to stand out with big, loud branding, but that can backfire if everyone else is loud and the audience gets sensory overload. Going more subtle can distance you and make you stand out more. Make sure to take color theory into account as well, creating a contrast with different tones. 

Simple Messaging

Few things can ruin an ad’s connection with an audience faster than overcomplicating content. There is a lot to see at a stadium. Make sure to grab viewers’ eyes quickly, keep things clear, and make an impact in a simple way without too much unnecessary information. 

No matter how good your ad is, the odds are you’re going to have a very short time to make an impression. How short? Most people won’t look at a specific ad for more than a few seconds. Before debuting your ad, make sure you’re using the minimum number of words to get to your point. 

Products to Take Home

The biggest impression you can make might not be in the stadium itself but in what people take home with them. Branded souvenirs, like novelty cups or tote bags, are an excellent way for people to remember the event they attended. If that memento is branded with your logo and product, they’ll have a positive impression of your company to go with it. 

Make sure to pick your branded item carefully, so it’ll be something people will keep and get a lot of repeated use. Make sure it fits the event people are attending and will be of interest to the crowd. Cups are one of the most popular choices, which is why it’s possible to purchase stadium cups in bulk and save a lot of money. You can also embroider your brand name on towels or offer paper fans for hot days.

Brand Your Way to Success

There are few better ways to build long-term success than with a branded item. Your company will be part of a positive memory for years to come. The key is finding the right product, the right event, and combining them for marketing success.

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