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NYSF reader Sarah just sent us the above photo related to an earlier tip she sent us about a street food mini-fair today on Broad St between South & Water St. Looks like there are at least 25-30 different vendors there.

Sarah’s report – According to Alex from the street fairs org (met him at one of the sausage stands, wearing his official t-shirt and badge), this is a street fair put on by the City, due to roam throughout the city on other Fridays. Typical summer street fair fare of sausage & onions, funnel cake, gyro, smoothies, arepas, roasted corn, Thai, falafel, lemonade, crepes, and burritos, plus the additional cheap clothing and accessories stands. The place is already filled with folks, proof that if you build it, they will come. Alex said to check the schedule at

While you’re enjoying your food, there’s also an unrelated River-to River dance performance by the Alice Farley Dance Theater at noon and 1:15 called HellGate Love Letter on the space outside One NY Plaza.

Gotta love summer in this city! Thanks for the tip Sarah.

Alice Farley Dance Theater
Alice Farley Dance Theater


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