11 Great Orgeat Syrup Cocktails Recipes You Can Try Today

Orgeat syrup cocktails recipes
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Looking for a few delicious Orgeat Syrup Cocktails recipes? you’ve reached the right place. Orgeat is a non-alcoholic syrup that is used as a sweetener in both mocktails and cocktails. It is made from almonds, sugar, and orange flower water. 

Today we are going to take a look at 11 yummy cocktail recipes you can try using orgeat or an orgeat syrup substitute.

11 Delicious Orgeat Syrup Cocktails Recipes 

1. Trinidad Sour

This unconventional cocktail has a base of an ounce and half of Angostura bitters which is joined by Orgeat alongside a shot of lemon juice and rye whiskey to accentuate its flavor. While the recipe sounds bizarre, it tastes delicious.

2. Mai Tai

This popular Orgeat cocktail is a traditional Taiwanese Tiki drink that has lately developed numerous versions. The most popular one combines orange curaçao, Orgeat, lime juice, and white rum to send your tastebuds off to a frenzy. 

orgeat syrup cocktails
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Once all the ingredients are mixed, you will have to add ice cubes and shake until all the ingredients blend well. Finally, the drink will have to be poured into a highball cocktail glass and topped off with a dash of dark rum. 

3. Holy Water

This drink infuses Jamaican gold rum shaken with cognac, orgeat, lemon, lime, grapefruit juices, and a float of Angostura bitters on top. The flagship cocktail at Seaworthy, in the Ace Hotel in New Orleans, is served by the bartender by filling a half-lime garnish with green Chartreuse and a sugar cube which is then ignited on fire to impart a zesty kick to the drink.

Here’s another take on how to make a Holy Water Cocktail:

4. Tender Nob

Rye, cognac, walnut orgeat, and two amari blend together in this stirred cocktail which was created by Kevin Diedrich of San Francisco’s Pacific Cocktail Haven. Here Orgeat infuses a nutty after-taste while acting as a sweetening agent.

5. Zapatero

In this revamped variant of Old Fashioned, Mezcal, and Bourbon join hands together followed by Angostura. An orange garnishing with cranberry and grated cinnamon imparts a fruity flavor to this drink.

6. Bourbon Lift

You can think of this bubbly cocktail to be an adults-only version of a New York egg cream. This frothy drink blends in bourbon, heavy cream, coffee liqueur, and orgeat which is topped off with some club soda.

7. Tallulah

This cocktail draws inspiration from the Southern tradition of adding peanuts to a Coke can. It serves as a unique concoction of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey with peanut Orgeat, Coca-Cola, and a garnish of salted peanuts. 

8. Early Start

This unusual twist on a Gin Sour blends in aquavit, Orgeat, lime juice, an egg white, and a French sorrel leaf, with a garnish of a mint leaf.

9. Momisette

Mixing pastis with orgeat and topping it off with sparkling water delivers this classic French cocktail that can get your good times rolling. 

10. Saturn

This elegant Tiki cocktail combines gin with passion fruit syrup, lemon juice, falernum, and orgeat which is garnished as festively as possible.

11. Across the Pacific

Two Jamaican rums and rich orgeat come together in this drink from Meaghan Dorman, the bar director of Dear Irving, and The Raines Law Room in New York City with lime juice and a gentle amaro.


The first documented recipe of orgeat was published in 1864 in the English and Australian Cookery Book. Orgeat has a nutty flavor carrying a tinge of citrus. It imparts a special complexity to the cocktail drinks that is unique in its own right. 

The nutty concoction has spiraled up the popularity ladder among bartenders around the globe. While the Orgeat syrup is traditionally made with almonds, the enterprising drink-makers have come up with equally tasty variants made from different nuts like pistachios, peanuts, etc.

Irrespective of the nut you select, this syrup accentuates the flavor of complex brown spirits and Tiki drinks. I hope you’ll enjoy one of these Orgeat Syrup Cocktails Recipes!

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