In many regions of the world, street food vendors are a daily staple and as common as vendors selling goods such as jewelry, artisan works and clothing.  In Latin American countries, street vendors are found on street corners and along busy city or town corridors selling snacks and heartier mobile meals such as empanadas, tamales, sandwiches and even desserts. Because street foods are most commonly homemade, street foods offer food lovers a variety of ingredients and a diverse food selection that may not always be available in restaurants.

In the Dominican Republic a popular snack known as chulitos is doubly appealing since it is a popular street food as well as a popular picadera, or buffet, selection for larger meals, according to Chulitos are rolled up finger food delicacies made of cassava, or yucca, and stuffed with seasoned meat and spicy chilé sauce or with a cheese filling.

But, meat and cheese are only two of the many ingredients that can be used to fill chulitos. [My San Antonio]