Have a Sweet Tooth? Try Some Popular Chinese Korean desserts!

New York cities like Bayside, Flushing and more comprise of many Chinese and Korean eateries. Undoubtedly, we all must have visited a Chinese eatery at least once in our lifetime and tried lip-smacking Chinese and Korean food like noodles, dumplings, Tangsoo chicken and more. But have you ever tried desserts in Chinese and Korean cuisine?

Probably not! This is because we all have the same belief: Chinese and Korean food is known for fried and spicy dishes and not for desserts.

However, the reality is the other way round! After you’ll taste a few Chinese desserts at Joong Koog JIP – you just won’t be able to step out from this Korean Chinese Restaurant in Bayside, without asking for more and more.

So here is a list of some popular Korean desserts that will tickle your taste buds too…

Red Bean Bun

This is probably the most popular sweet dish in the Korean cuisine. It is in a bun shape form and filled with thin pine nut kernel paste, taro paste, or black bean paste. It is prepared by steaming procedure. These come in different sizes and shapes.

Dragon’s Beard Candy

This is a type of candy just like candy floss prepared with spun sugar. This is another popular dessert, which you can try in restaurants or at street side stalls.

Egg tarts

This dish is found in Cantonese style eateries. It is in a form of tart with custard filling and a hard sweet crust outlining.


This is a candied fruit popularly known as Chinese toffee apple. These are crabapples dipped in sugar and then dried. Another fruit that is prepared in the same way and sold in many eateries include kiwis and grapes.

Pumpkin Pancake

Can you think of a sweet dish made of pumpkin? Probably not! But Korean cuisine has added this unique dish to its list of desserts. It is usually served in winters and made of sugar and flour. Each restaurant has a different style for preparing the dessert. Some chefs may provide it a coating of flour, while others may coat it with roasted sesame seeds.

Sweet Egg Bun

This dish is worth a try. It is prepared with a sweet egg bun which contains the filling of mix egg yolk and sugar. If you love trying desserts, you must try it once.

Deep Fried Durian

Shaped in the form of a duck, this sweet dish contains fresh fruits which are fried deeply after coating in a batter crust. It is usually served in hot summer days.


This is a form of soup that contains rice balls dipped in sweet curry. Many chefs often use wine to prepare this dish to reduce the little sweetening effect.

Grass Jelly

With ‘grass’ we actually don’t mean what you think! What we do mean here is ‘mesona chinensis’, which is a type of mint. It is served in the form of jelly, drinks, or condensed milk.

So, do any of these sweet dishes tickle your taste buds? If so – don’t restrict yourself from trying these scrumptious desserts. We recommend trying out Joong Koog JIP, a wonderful Chinese restaurant in Bayside!