Street Food Desserts That Will Blow Your Mind

Street Food Desserts

When you think street food, your mind immediately wanders to tasty wraps, cooked meats, and other protein-rich meals packaged so that you can eat them while walking around. But take a moment and imagine what would work great after a meal like that. The correct answer is dessert.

Any traveler appreciates not only the fabulous taste of various desserts but also the energy they can give. Now let’s take a look at the following street food desserts that you can find around the globe.

Ice cream

You can find ice cream in a cone in many places around the world today, but its roots are in Italy, the country that gave the world pizza, pasta, and gelato. Of course, you may want to go to Italy for some great gelato, but you can find many taste ice cream varieties anywhere to go. Just make sure to try the local flavors.


France is another country that has contributed and continued to do so, to international cuisine, including street food. Crepes come from France, and in the US, pancakes are a more common term, but, either way, they make an excellent street food you can indulge in when traveling all over the world. The filling can vary from chocolate, fruits, peanut butter and many more. Some food carts even add a chocolate fountain, which is not just an instagram-able eye-catching tool. The continuous stream of creamy and rich chocolate is a delicacy that we always enjoy. Don’t know what chocolate fountains are? Check out this review.


Belgian waffles can be found anywhere, just as the other two desserts mentioned so far. Soft and doughy on the inside, but crispy on the outside, waffles make a perfect street food dessert as they are easy to consume, and they also come in many varieties, due to the toppings offered by vendors.


Ice cream in a cone is famous, but equally popular is ice cream on a stick. If you didn’t know who came with the idea first, you could now learn that the Mexicans were the first to think about a convenient way to eat ice cream. And the actual name of this street food dessert is paleta, which means ‘small stick’ in Mexican.


Go to any Italian restaurant, and you can ask for this pastry filled with goodness. However, since cannolis are small tubes of pastry with creamy cores, they can also be eaten while walking down the street. Make sure to have some tissues at hand since those fillings might have the bad habit of making a mess.


Healthy eating is all the rage right now, and for all the right reasons. If you want to keep in shape while traveling, but still get your dose of street food desserts, you can opt for a smoothie. These healthy drinks are accessible on the US West Coast, and they are a great combination of veggies, fruits, and other great things.

If you have ever wondered how you can get the necessary portions of vegetables and fruits every day, smoothies are the answer.


If you ever travel to Turkey, you should try the local baklava. Luckily, the Turks didn’t keep this street food dessert to themselves, and you can find this fantastic delight in many other countries. A pastry made with nuts and honey filling, baklava is a street food dessert that is guaranteed to blow your mind and your taste buds.


The British bring their contribution to the table with the famous English muffin. While you can find many versions of the original muffin in many parts of the world, if you’re a foodie in search of mapping the world, by trying out street food desserts where they originate from, you should plan a trip to the UK.

Mango sticky rice

An indulgence like no other, this Thai dessert can be had while you take in the hustle and bustle of the street. As you can glean from its name, it’s a combination of rice and mango pieces. What glues everything together is some coconut ice cream. Expect the combination of flavors to explode in your mouth.

Gulab Jamun

This one is a festival favorite in India, but you can eat it all the type, as it is pretty standard street food. The sugar syrup infused with saffron makes it truly special, and if you ever go to India, you should try it, without a doubt.