After returning from vacation last night, we went over to our friend’s apartment to pick up our dog, who they had been watching for us.  On the way, we decided to pick up dessert, and didn’t want the usual cookies or cakes from Bruno’s Bakery on Bleecker Street.  Nothing against Bruno’s – it’s our regular go-to bakery for dessert – but we wanted something different.

I’ve walked by Creperie many times.  It’s located at 112 MacDougal St (between Bleecker & West 3rd St) and always seems to have people ordering or waiting to pick up their orders.  It was even busy at 10pm Sunday night.  They also have a Lower East Side location at 135 Ludlow Street.

photo from Creperie website
photo from Creperie website

Creperie is basically a storefront with 3 stools and small shelves on each side.  Only 6 people can eat there, but they have all the accoutrements for eating your crepe while walking or getting it to go.  This makes them perfect for our Honorary Street Food category.

There were a variety of people ordering different types of crepes – some sweet and some savory.  We wanted dessert, so the order was for Crepes Suzette ($9) and a crepe with dark chocolate and raspberry puree ($8).

The girl making the crepes was definitely in the zone.  She had a beatific smile and seemed to really enjoy making each crepe – pouring the batter on the crepe maker, using the squeegee to even it out, flipping the crepe over to brown both sides, putting in the fillings, folding it up, and flipping it over to cook on both sides.  She had it down to a science, but treated it more like an art form.

Crepes Suzette was filled with caramel, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and Grand Marnier, and it was delicious!  Sweet caramel and tart lemon juice with the slight bite of an orange liqueur wrapped neatly in a crepe.  What’ a great combination!

For the other crepe, we requested dark chocolate with raspberry puree, although white chocolate was also an option.  Raspberry and chocolate is always a great combination, and it was here too.  The crepe was perfectly cooked, and very enjoyable.

We split 2 crepes between 4 people and it was enough for everyone to get a few bites of each crepe.  Next time, I’ll have to bring my camera – and there will definitely be a next time.

They have categories for breakfast crepes, vegetarian crepes, savory crepes, sweet & fruity crepes and chocolate crepes with 5 different types of chocolate.  There are 55 crepe choices on their regular menu, plus several daily specials.  Creperie is a veritable crepe-ucopia.

photo from Creperie website
photo from Creperie website