The Ultimate at Home Coffee Brewing Guide

home coffee brewing guide

As a coffee lover, having good coffee is one of the most essential aspects to consider in your coffee cup. The best coffee grains start from the farm – how it is grown and harvested to produce the best brew from the coffee beans. How easy would it be to have your favorite mug of coffee in the comfort of your home? Below is our ultimate home coffee brewing guide with several aspects of coffee brewing techniques for you:

Making Espresso

When making espresso no matter the character of the model that you are using, the first step to consider is to give it time to warm up. Buy your espresso machine from a reliable, known brand which is something these coffee experts can help you with. Additionally, once the machine is purring, pull your grinds inside and start your machine. After approximately 30 seconds your double espresso should be ready.

Using a Moka Pot

Using a Moka pot is simple when preparing your favorite coffee. Add water in the lower part of the chamber and bring it to boil over medium heat. The coffee grains should be evenly placed to leave the top part of the chamber open.

After the water has boiled and the coffee is visible from the neck of the Moka spout, turn off your heat and enjoy your coffee. 

The Aeropress Method

After boiling your water, also ensure your coffee is finely ground and bring it to boil. Additionally, put your plunger in place and the coffee mug that will absorb the final product. Heed precaution as you pour the hot water from the small plunger into the brewing chamber as you insert and depress the plunger simultaneously.

French Pressing Method

Prepare your coffee grains and bring your water to boil. Measure the amount of coffee you prefer and set the setting on your grinder. Lastly, pour in the hot water inside the plunger and give your coffee time to brew. Do not rush the brewing process. Let it run for around 8 minutes. With a french press – you can brew both light roast and dark roast coffee

Soft Brewing Method

This method is among the easiest to use from our home coffee brewing guide techniques. Clean your teapot, add your coffee and bring water to boil. Thereafter, pour half the amount of the boiling water to the coffee grind. Wait for a few minutes then pour in the remaining water. After about four minutes filter your coffee and serve it hot.

The Instant Coffee Bag

With this technique, you can either use a ready to use a coffee bag or choose your bags of coffee to prepare. Boil the water you need to prepare your coffee, depending on how weak or strong you like it, then submerge your coffee bag and allow the flavor to infuse the water for approximately 4 minutes. Sip and enjoy your coffee.

coffee brewing guide
How easy would it be to have your favorite mug of coffee in the comfort of your home?

The Siphoning Technique

Contrary to popular belief this method is not as quick as the common assumption. Put your water to boil in the lower glass compartment while at the same time place your coffee grinds in the upper glass compartment. As the water is boiling, insert the stem of the upper glass compartment into the lower side allowing the water to siphon upwards and immersing the coffee grains in the water. Turn off your heat and let your coffee brew.

Using The Percolator

Fill the lower compartment of your percolator with water and set it on the stove. Place your coffee grinds there in the top compartment and let it boil. You will know your coffee is ready when you hear a creaking noise. Be keen not to add excess water in the lower compartment as you need space between the two chambers for the coffee to brew properly.

The Vietnamese Technique

Place your coffee grains in the Vietnamese coffee filter, add water, and bring it to boil. Make sure that your filter is in place. Simultaneously pour hot water over your coffee grinds and give the process around 5 minutes for the water to completely pass through. Add in your preferred extra flavor, like milk. Lastly, stir, serve and enjoy

The Chemex Method

Place your Chemex filter inside the hourglass compartment of the Chemex pot. Add your water and bring it to boil. After the water has boiled, carefully wet your Chemex filter, insert it back to the compartment, and add your finely ground coffee.

Wait a second. One important point to consider is that unlike other brewing methods that prepare one or two cups, Chemex can brew three or four cups.

The above methods offer you a simple guide for bringing the pleasant aroma of your favorite coffee shop right into your home.

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