Still Thinks Food Trucks Are A Great Business?

Mausam Curry N Bites
(credit: NYSF)

With the exploding popularity of food trucks across the US and around the world, including fawning TV shows and gimmicky reality shows, owning a  food truck has attained a certain glamour. The truth behind owning and running a food truck is anything but.

We have talked about this many times. Grub Street recently had a detailed article why it’s such a tough business, and why owning a food truck is more often a first step than a final destination.

Click here for the entire article, which is quite interesting reading.

We also had a sneak peek last night at another food truck (hint: absolute zero) who is expanding their business in an entirely different way. We will be writing something up on their new business over the weekend, and expect to post something about it early next week.