Selling Hot Dogs With Relish!

Sonoran hot dog (bacon-wrapped with black beans, cucumber cole slaw, queso and lime mayo)

Did you see the NY Post article last week about the hot dog vendor on LI who sold sex out of her camper too.

From the NY Post: Catherine Scalia, 45, was arrested Thursday night when she offered the off-menu special to an undercover cop and took him back to her East Rockaway pad for some home cooking.  The mother of four pleaded not guilty to a prostitution charge and was held on $2,000 bail.

It’s the second time Scalia’s been busted for mixing sex and Sabretts.  She and a pal were nailed in December 2004 for running a similar operation out of the hot-dog truck.

An undercover cop approached the stand Thursday and bought two hot dogs and water for $5 before the “specials” were announced.  Scalia took the cop back to her place and performed a striptease for $100 before unveiling the main course, police said.  “She agreed to manually stimulate him for an additional $50,” said Nassau County Police spokesman Kevin Smith.

She was slapped with cuffs instead.

I’m sure the hot dogs were fine.  Just don’t ask for the “special sauce”!