Jose Ramos of the Kitchen Cafe truck

The food truck business is heating up in Jersey City.  Jose Ramos, owner of the Kitchen Cafe truck was recently spat at, had punches thrown at him, and had his cash register damaged by another food truck operator.

Jersey City law dictates that trucks can only stay in one spot for 20 to 40 minutes depending on the license they hold.  Sometimes local retail stores call the police to have the law enforced – but at times, some food truck vendors call the police on their competition.

Ramos has owned a lunch truck for the last 10 years.  “I pay my tax, I pay everything, I have my license,” he said. “I lived here for 15 years.”  But Ramos hesitates to call the police on the other driver out of fear that all the trucks would be banned from Exchange Place.  Banning the trucks from certain areas — they’re already prohibited at Journal Square — is one of many ideas the City Council is considering as it crafts a new itinerant license ordinance. []

Yeah, that sounds like a solution – ban the trucks from every high-volume area of Jersey City.  Isn’t it time politicians came up with ideas that actually give people what they want.

What the article does not mention is the aggressor in the altercation, who is the owner of Nick & Perry’s food truck.  Abusive behavior like that should not be condoned.  Sounds like a boycott of Nick & Perry’s truck is in order.

Louisiana Spice Truck - another Jersey city food truck vendor
Louisiana Spice Truck – another Jersey city food truck vendor


  1. The behavior of Nick and Perry’s is obviously pretty trashy. That being said and if it’s true that there are three sides to every story (which I do believe there is), you left one out. I live in Denver and follow the street food scene here and across the country closely. In doing so have I have learned there are certain vendors that could give two shits about the “rules of engagement” i.e. time on the street, location, cart size etc. Competition is fierce ( the way it should be), but when people don’t play by the rules or have little respect for the rules, eventually your going to get some backlash; from the your competition or from the schmucks that make the rules…………..Either way, anyone should be curious as to why you left out the third side of the story. I have to wonder if the tables were turned, would Nick and Perry get the “two side of the story treatment”?


  2. For the record, NYSF has never met or reviewed either the Kitchen Cafe or Nick & Perry’s truck. We deplore violence, and think the truck vendors should stick together rather than be at odds with each other. We also found it odd that, the source for this story, named the victim but not the aggressor.


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