Why Were Numerous Soho Food Carts Shut Down?

(Credit: DNAinfo/Andrea Swalec)
(Credit: DNAinfo/Andrea Swalec)

There are a lot of regulations that mobile food vendors must follow in order to operate within the confines of the law. One of the most important is closing every night to clean the cart and re-stock each day with fresh food.

As reported by DNAinfo.com, late last week, the Health Dept shut down 20 SoHo food carts after they were found to be illegally operating around the clock.

Several food carts on Broadway between East Houston and Canal streets were still closed yesterday afternoon.

According to DNAinfo.com, the vendor raid follows a request last month by Community Board 2 for Mayor Michael Bloomberg to review vendor rules for the area.

Once vendors correct all violations, pay permit decal replacement fees, and pass inspection, they can resume operations, said a Health Department spokeswoman.

While we have a problem with street food vendors getting $1,000 tickets for parking too close to the curb or having their license in their pocket instead of being visible, we have to go with the Health Dept on this one.

Safe street food is dependent upon vendors having good hygiene and the carts being sanitary. Daily cart cleaning and food replenishment is vital to a strong, healthy street food scene.