Is Flatiron Getting Too Big For Its Britches?

(credit: NYSF)

We were just in Flatiron for lunch, and boy was it crowded! Cinnamon Snail, Kelvin Slush and Toum (the new Lebanese truck) were all in a row on 5th Ave between 21st & 22nd St. They all seemed to be doing good business too.

On the opposite corner was Cruisin’ Kitchen, one block down was Cambodian Cuisine Torsu, and 3 blocks down was Bistro Truck.

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a West 50th St situation, with the police cracking down and ticketing food trucks. Maybe it’s just too early in the month for them to worry about ticket quotas.

Studies say that food trucks do better business when they park near each other, but in NYC, where the laws are not in their favor, it’s probably better to spread out more.



  1. the cops have already been cracking down in the flatiron for a while now. according to the mexico blvd dudes, that’s why they’re never around these parts any more. the BID ain’t a big fan of the trucks as it is.

  2. I know!
    This is Adam from the cinnamon snail 21-5th has been our Thursday spot all year. I talked to the kelvin crew, and they agree that it’s safer for all of us for them to park down a block.
    I also tried to talk to the toum guys, for a couple weeks now about this issue-but they are be and don’t realize that they are jeopardizing the spot for everyone. They will not listen. Same thing is happening on 55th/broadway. Months ago we were the only ones parking there. Now there is 2-3 trucks there daily. Both spots are now hot, and we have been ticketed and chased out by law enforcement in both neighborhoods. Its a shame people can’t find their own nooks. It’s a big city. I feel like a lot of new trucks are coming and just looking on twitter and moving in to other trucks spots, making it more risky for everyone. Not cool.


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