How Does PEMF Affect Food Sensitivity?

How does PEMF affect Food Sensitivity
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PEMF therapy is useful for various food sensitivities such as sinusitis and allergies. An inventive method of treating allergies and sinusitis with tailored electromagnetic stimulation is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. With PEMF therapy, managing allergies, in general, is simple and independent of specific allergens.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is linked to positive immunologic alterations and the immune system plays a role in the etiology of food sensitivity, it was proposed that pulsed electromagnetic fields may reduce food sensitivity.

Before we get into the studies and results of PEMF therapy for allergies, let’s first explore the origins of allergies according to energy medicine and the usual counsel offered for treating allergies and sinus disorders. No matter what irritates you, allergies are getting more and more expensive and difficult to manage. PEMF offers a fantastic solution!

Causes of Allergies related to Energy Medicine

Anthroposophical medicine, which Rudolf Steiner developed at the beginning of the 20th century and was based on spiritual principles, saw allergy as the capacity of the human self or ego to defend its body integrity in order to remain functional. The skin becoming impermeable and wall-like, preventing a healthy interaction between the “inside” and “outside” environments, is what causes eczema. The “soul body” is thought to be the origin of the problem.

It might be challenging to treat allergies. Food allergies, seasonal allergies, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, as well as asthma, and migraine headaches are all regarded to be allergic diseases. Allergies can also manifest as a variety of other symptoms. Inflammation, sclerosis, growth, and allergies are the four different illness categories into which diseases are divided. As a result, we develop symptoms including a cough, allergic rhinitis, eye redness, fever, diarrhea, and rashes, among others.

Conventional Allergy Treatment Techniques

First and foremost, it’s critical to lessen inflammatory reactions to foods and the surroundings. Such sensitivity may result from emotional, mental, or physiological causes in the end.

  • Regular contact with any electromagnetic radiation that harms cells, such as those emitted by microwaves, wi-fi, and cell phones You can now easily get EMF field testers that can aid in determining exposure and personal sensitivity levels. EMF fields Tester to check their homes for potential radiation-related hazards, particularly in their bedrooms. It is possible to “clean” radiation-filled places after discovering them.
  • Food is a crucial reality. Test how certain foods, spices, beverages, and other things make you more inflammatory. It is important to cease consuming foods and beverages that induce inflammation. Once these items are known, it is advised that you avoid them for at least three months. This type of fasting enhances tissue and organ regeneration and repair while reducing inflammation.
  • Drinking water of high quality and consuming the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals
  • You can still eat sensibly for eight hours each day while fasting for sixteen, which is another big benefit of intermittent fasting.
  • Don’t forget to engage in a little conscious breathing each day, as well as lots of joy and laughing, and regular natural contact.

PEMF Treatment For Food Allergies

The effectiveness of all traditional treatment modalities is significantly increased by PEMF therapy. The secret to the quick and long-lasting effects of PEMF therapy for allergies is to use the frequencies and programs that are most effective and place applicators in areas of the highest reactivity. Your physiology will outgrow the requirement to trigger protective allergic reactions once health has been established with PEMF therapy sessions along with additional treatment suggestions.

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) symptoms have been found to improve with repetitive transcranial magnetic field stimulation (rTMS) procedures that target the brain.

For more than ten years, pulsed magnetotherapy has been practiced in Czechoslovakia. This form of physical therapy has been shown to be quite effective, particularly in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, pediatric conditions including sinusitis and enuresis, and the balneological care of people with lower extremity ischemic disorders.

  • According to a 2015 pilot study that was published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, a one-week course of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, consisting of one hour of treatment each day, was found to reduce the mean number of reactive foods.
  • Smokers who regularly use PEMF therapy will notice that their lungs feel at least 10 years younger. PEMF therapy has also been found to be useful for asthma.

PEMF Therapy for Scleroderma

The course of scleroderma is frequently misinterpreted by medical professionals and others who have no prior experience with the condition. The symptoms that resemble those of food allergies are actually among the most frequently misdiagnosed ones.

Skin changes can be difficult to diagnose, therefore people frequently call a dermatologist right away. This is due to the possibility that at first, they may not have had any other reason to question their symptoms. Before drawing any further conclusions or establishing any other diagnoses, it is critical to rule out food allergies.

How do we know that using PEMF to treat scleroderma has been demonstrated to be successful?

PEMF therapy has been demonstrated to be incredibly promising for those with scleroderma and the potentially devastating impact the condition may have on the body. Scleroderma cannot be cured, although PEMF therapy has been shown to lessen and alleviate some of the symptoms.

OMI PEMF MAT for slowing Scleroderma

The desire to feel better is very attainable, but you might not be able to afford to pay the expensive amounts associated with PEMF therapy sessions.

You can purchase an OMI PEMF mat for the treatment of Scleroderma and use it in the convenience of your home. You may now buy a PEMF device and use it daily in the comfort of your own home without having to wait for an appointment.

The primary objective is to examine how PEMFs can decrease the progression of scleroderma and other food allergies, given the variety of symptoms that each person may experience.

Regardless of your existing course of treatment, PEMF therapy is an excellent complementary treatment that can be used in addition to any other treatments you are already receiving. Only a few types of research have been done on the effects of PEMFs on food sensitivity and scleroderma, but what we do know is that individuals who have tried it report positive results.

More research on PEMF therapy side effects related to food sensitivity will continue in future studies.