7 Sweet and Savory CBD Oil Recipes for Lazy Moms

CBD Oil recipes

There are a lot of simple CBD recipes that you can use when you want to improve your metabolism, change your lifestyle, and improve your pain management if you are still dealing with lingering pain. Someone who is trying to make simple drink recipes needs to know that they can pick out things that they can put together in seconds.

1. The Golden Turmeric Tea

Use coconut milk, fresh ginger, and turmeric to make a tea that will instantly attack your metabolism. You are trying to do everything you can to make your body burn fat, and the best way to do that is to use this tea to your advantage. You can make it even stronger if you use honey to help ward off sickness, and you could even add black pepper if you want to help clear up your sinuses. This tea has many levels you can create with differing ingredients.

When you add CBD to this tea it becomes much more powerful because you have added the relaxation and metabolic properties of CBD oil to something that can improve your metabolism and help you shred fat. This tea is the best way to start the day because you are giving your body a boost of CBD oil that you would not get otherwise.

2. Rooibos Tea Latte

Ghee and rooibos tea go together very well, and you get the consistency of a latte when you are using ghee. Plus, you need to remember that you will add your CBD oil drop at the end. This is a good tea for the end of the day because it has no caffeine, and it can help your body burn fat even in the night.

This particular latte is a much softer and warmer tea that you might try in the winter, and it could be the thing you turn to when you are sitting by the fire on a rainy night. Also, this could be a tea that you use to soothe your throat when you are not feeling well.

3. Chocolate Latte Drink

Heat up a little bit of condensed milk with your favorite cocoa powder. This turns into a nice chocolate drink that is easy to eat, and it will help you add your CBD oil without even noticing. This is the perfect thing to use to ensure that you have a chocolate drink that actually feels nice on your palette while also giving you the CBD oil infusion you want.

This chocolate drink is a bit like hot chocolate, but it is much thinner than what you would expect regular cocoa to be. This is a drink that goes down much smoother, and you can drink it hot or cold. You might use it to substitute for coffee, or you could drink it at night as a bit of a dessert.

4. Dairy-Free Green Tea Matcha

Matcha is caffeine-free, and you can use this tea with your CBD oil without thinking because it will support any flavor that you want. Also, you can easily use a bit of ghee to make this latte feel better in your mouth. You want the soothing feeling of the latte, but you need the CBD oil on the inside that is good for your body.

Matcha is one of the healthiest things that you can drink, and using it with CBD could help you calm down at the end of a long day. This might also be your tea of choice during a long and stressful day at the office.

5. CBD Fresh Mint Tea

Brew your tea with mint and add a honey CBD oil. This is a good recovery drink, and it could replace your morning coffee. Plus, this recipe takes seconds to repair. Mint tea also helps with sickness so that you can get rid of a cough or get around a bit of an upset stomach. The soothing calmness of CBD helps you get past any illness much faster.

6. CBD Pumpkin Golden Milk

Pumpkin purée and coconut milk change the way that you feel when you drink because you cannot taste the oil. This is a much thicker drink that could almost be a shake. This might feel like a meal replacement shake if it is big enough. This is definitely a fall drink that you can make thick or thin, and you could even chill it to serve as a bit of a dessert for yourself or the family.

7. CBD Chocolate Bomb

The chocolate bomb is easy to make, and it could carry a CBD-infused coconut oil. This bomb is a great snack, and it can still add to your metabolism or help you deal with pain. This is the snack you pop in your mouth with your tea. Chocolate bombs are the most classic of all the CBD snacks you can make, but it should inspire you to make other bombs like key lime, graham cracker crust, and honey.

When you are using CBD oil in your tea or snacks, you are infusing your body with a product that will help you lose weight, relax, and get through a long day. You can make these teas hot or cold, and you can start making bomb snacks that have a hit of CBD oil in each serving.