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Ghee vs Butter in Coffee: Is One Better than the Other?

Ghee vs Butter in Coffee

You’ve jumped onto that ketogenic bandwagon and you’re adjusting your routines, your recipes, and your coffee, but you just can’t decide exactly what you want to do with your coffee. Should you switch to ghee or try butter? Can you use both? Which one will be better for you and give you the best flavor?

All of these questions might play a factor in whether you prefer ghee or butter for your coffee. Let’s dive down into what the primary differences are for ghee and butter and go from there.

The Battle Begins: Ghee vs Butter in Coffee


Ghee is such a unique word, but what exactly is ghee anyway? Ghee is nothing new; it has been used in Indian food for a long time. Ghee is butter, but it has had the water content boiled out of it. Ghee is one of the healthiest forms of cooking fats on the market.

Ghee is also known as clarified butter but is actually one step beyond clarified butter. With ghee, the butter is simmered extra to bring out the original flavor within. This process removes the solid butter and evaporates all of the water.

Ghee is packed with nutrients and vitamins, including anti-inflammatory factors, but has a wonderful sweet flavor, which is why ghee in coffee tastes so good. This is a great way to add nutritional healthy fats to your coffee routine and start your day right!


Butter is a form of healthy fat, primarily used in cooking. The unique thing about the keto diet is that butter is encouraged as a healthy fat. Many keto people have taken to adding butter to their coffee because butter coffee tastes great in coffee.

Butter has become a popular way to add some healthy fat to your diet, and mixing it in your morning coffee is simple and tasteful. While the right type of butter is a great healthy fat, butter has a creamier texture and not quite as sweet of flavor as ghee. Butter contains many of the same nutritional values as ghee, as they are forms of each other.

Is One Better than the Other?

Whether you think ghee or butter will be better in the other is primarily a matter of opinion. However, if you have any type of dairy intolerance, ghee is a better solution for you. Ghee does not have the same lactose properties as butter does and would, therefore, affect someone with intolerances much better.

Butter and ghee have different textures and flavors, but they have the same nutrient and vitamin properties essentially, making both of them a great option for healthy fats and adding something extra to your coffee.

You can give both ghee and butter and try and see which one you prefer. There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to adding ghee or butter to your coffee. Take your pick, but be sure to choose grass-fed butter to have the healthiest butter option at your fingertips.

Your new butter or ghee coffee awaits!


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