5 Best Dishes Made on a Kamado Grill

Kamado Grill

If you have your olfactory senses leading you to the best of cuisine, the Kamado grill surely hasn’t escaped your taste buds. Well, Japan has known this kind of grill for at least 3,000 years now, but during the last century, we all started to appreciate it. With the Kamado being metamorphosed into a ceramic grill/oven/smoker, a whole new panorama of grilled dishes has opened up to us.

The Kamado-style grill was first invented during World War II, and it took its form from the “mushikamado”, the Japanese cooking stove fuelled by charcoal/wood. Today, it is much more efficient and sophisticated. Apart from the great charcoal cooking savor it gives, it is very handy, fuel-efficient, and easy to use and because it has no flare-ups like traditional barbecues. There are, of course, different types of grills out there, but in this post, we’ll be discussing some delicious dishes you can make with a Kamado grill.

Kamado GrillAll you literally have to do is buy one and keep it in your backyard, add the fuel and you’re good to cook some mouth-watering, savory dishes. So…

Here are 5 dishes we chose that are best cooked on the Kamado grill:

  • Barbecue Smoked Venison Roast

This one is as delicious as it sounds. The loveliest part about this kind of grilling is the moist feel and texture that the bacon gets from it.

What gives this recipe its salivating aroma is garlic. The best trick to get the taste and aroma of garlic is to slice the garlic pegs and insert them into the fine incisions that you make on the meat and the suet as well. And, the seasoning of salt and pepper is done all over the meat. Then comes egg yolk coating in like so many other grill dishes, and then laying the bacon on top. Why bacon on top? Because the fat that comes from the suet is the secret that keeps the venison moist and warm. Sounds succulent! Doesn’t it?

  • The Thanksgiving Turkey with a Twist

The fact that Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays that Americans follow with oodles of excitement, is the reason that people may not experiment much with the Thanksgiving turkey, but believe me, if you may, using a Kamado grill might change your holidays. Well, if you are using Kamado grill, you surely will need a thermometer, unlike in the oven, which is pre-heated for the kind of cooking you want. The trick lies in the gentleness of the hand in applying the barbecue rub between the skin and the breast. And then rubbing the same on the exterior too is what will give you that crispy Thanksgiving turkey you want. You can use a drip tray underneath the turkey with vegetables and white wine to make it taste even better.

  • Tandoori Chicken

Well, this is one recipe that rules the hearts of the chicken lovers. What the Indian tandoori does for India, is exactly what these best Kamado grills can do for the rest of us. Because it is ceramic, it very well mimics the Indian clay oven.

It is a pretty high temperature that Tandoori chicken takes to get the kind of crispy feel it needs, so don’t be afraid to see some pieces that look burnt. The secret is that if you have it marinated well, it will stay moist and still crisp.

Kamado Grill
Tandoori Chicken made on Kamado Grill
  • Barbecue Lamb Provencale

If you have the taste for some wine to go with some French cooking, this best Kamado grill will win your heart. The rub that goes on it typically Provençale (from the Provence region, South France). The cooking is not direct and so, it tastes better than any other kind of grilled lamb meat.

The process couldn’t be any simpler – rubbing the Provençale herb seasoning on the lamb leg and slow roasting it. But, the magic simply lies in the rub that brings out the flavor in each slice which is further enhanced by slow roasting in Kamado grill.

Kamado Grill
Barbecue Lamb Provencale
  • Smokey Steak

Who doesn’t love steak? Well, the lovers of the grill sure do. And, a steak tastes even better when grilled on a Kamado grill. Why? Because this kind of grill offers the advantage of cooking with the lid on, which means you can grill thicker pieces of steak better, and more tender, and still get the perfect smoky favor with high-temperature cooking. This list of the best kamado grills from BroBBQ can help you in choosing the best one for your steak dish. Unlike other grills, this one won’t leave it raw in the middle. In fact, the best kind of grill is beef steak.

Kamado grill
Kamado Steak anyone?

So, ready to create your own Kamado grill delicacies? If you still don’t have the right gear, I’d suggest you start searching for grills for sale, get the one suitable for your needs, and start enjoying delicious BBQs every weekend!

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