Substitute lunch. Pretty similar to the regular lunch.

I walked over to Carnegie John’s today and was shocked (!) to see another cart in it’s place – but after further investigation, all is well with the world.  Phew!

According to the guy running the cart, John is in Greece for 2 weeks (i.e. visiting the “old country”), and he asked them to hold down the fort.  John doesn’t want anyone infringing on the spot he has held for over 10 years on West 56th St, right behind Carnegie Hall.

The food is basically the same.  It might not have John’s deft touch, but all the other hallmarks of Carnegie John’s are there – charcoal grilled chicken, thick tzaziki sauce, yellow rice, and a real side salad.

The only noticeable difference was the chicken slices were noticeably rougher.  They tasted the same, but the cuts were a bit rougher.  The best chefs know just how important sharp knives are – and to cut across the grain, not with it.

Good to see John is getting some well deserved time off.


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