Big D’s Grub Truck was the 2nd Korean taco truck to hit the NYC streets, opening in late January 2011.  While they also have Korean tacos, what sets them apart are their grinders, which you can get with 4 different meats and cost $7 each.

I asked Dennis (Big D) to give me his favorite grinder, which he said was the spicy pork.  I also got an order of 4 dumplings for $3.

The sandwich was served on a 10″ hero, which contained a lot of food.  Inside were the aforementioned spicy pork in Big D’s secret sauce, along with pickled and julienned carrots and daikon, and several pieces of pickled cucumber.

The first time I tried Big D’s spicy pork last year, it wasn’t really spicy, but this time the heat scale was better.  It wasn’t brutally hot, but my tongue had a nice little buzz after lunch.

Another thing Big D does differently is to grill the sandwich a little after it’s assembled.  In the past, he used to press it to almost a panini-like flatness, but now it’s basically just warmed up, which keeps the bread softer.  I prefer it this way.

There are several different things going on here: the spicy pork, cool, pickled veggies and warm, soft bread.  For $7, this was a lot of good food, making it an excellent value.

After that big grinder, I didn’t really need more food, but I do love dumplings.  Big D gives you 4 big pan-fried dumplings with your choice of 4 sauces.  I got a ginger soy sauce.

Inside was steamed ground pork with a bunch of scallions.  These were big, tasty dumplings, and an order of 4 is quite a large side dish, which you can easily split with a friend or co-worker.

Big D’s Grub Truck makes the rounds of different neighborhoods, so find them on twitter here or on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed with lots of other vendors.  You will get a good lunch at a good price.




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