7 Tips To Help You Pair Wine And Food At Home

Pair Wine And Food tips

Searching for ways and tips on how to pair wine and food? Well, you reached the right place. For wine lovers, it is important to know how to match it with the right foods. Making wine and food pairings at home is a great way to experiment and eventually finding what works best for your palate.  

The basic concept of matching wine and food is to complement and enhance both flavors and aroma. Red wine goes well with more decadent meals or red meats, while white wine works best with lighter meals and white meat. Although this serves as a general guideline when pairing wine with food, one rule you should remember is to select a wine you know well and love. 

When serving wine before food, it should be low in acidity to prevent it from disrupting the incoming meal’s taste. If you select a red wine, you can mask some of the acidity by serving it cooler than usual. As for white wine, serve it slightly warmer than usual to reveal its character. Sparkling wine is the ideal choice to start an evening of conversation. As for sweet wine, serve it after a meal as it compliments most desserts. There are plenty of places to get your preferred wine. For our readers in New Zealand, for example – you can check out a good selection of fine wines online.

There are a few guidelines to check out to help you make successful wine and food pairings at home. 

7 Tips To Help You Pair Wine And Food at Home:

1. Drink And Eat What You Truly Love 

Select a wine that you can enjoy on its own. With this approach, even if the pairing is not perfect, you can still enjoy what you are drinking. The same goes for the food. If you do not like to eat a specific dish, pairing it with wine will not help. 

2. The Right Balance 

When pairing wine with food, you should consider both the food and wine’s weight or richness. Remember that the wine and dish must be equal partners, with neither overpowering the other. If you balance both by weight, the pairing is likely to be a good one.  

Take note that hearty foods require a robust wine. A good example is Cabernet Sauvignon, which complements grilled lamb. As for poached fish with subtle flavors, it matches well with a light Soave.  

When determining the weight, the food, including the cooking method and sauce, is the main contributor. For the wine, you can get hints from its color, grape variety, and amount of alcohol content, along with the winemaking technique and climate where it originated. The wines with less than 12% alcohol are lighter-bodied, while those with 14% content are heavier.  

3. Matching The Wine To The Main Element In A Dish 

When you pair wine and food, you should identify the dominant element in the dish. It is mostly the sauce, cooking method, or seasonings, rather than the main ingredient. When you have a poached chicken breast with creamy lemon sauce, it matches well with white wine.  

Pair Wine And Food4. Acidity Level 

The wines originating from areas with chilly climates are acidic than those from humid climates. If you want to enjoy the best pairing of wine with food, you should check the wine’s acidity level. When you prepare a dish containing a high level of calories, choose an acidic wine such as white, sparkling, or rosé wines

5. Ideal Pair For Meat 

The first item that pops up when you want to pair wine and food, is meat. Intensely flavored meat matches well with red wines. As for mildly flavored meat, they work best with wines that have a lighter intensity. The mildly flavored meat includes chicken and fish. You should choose a variety of white wines that you love.  

6. Age Of The Wine 

Aged wines boast a distinct set of flavors and textures. As the wine matures, the tannins soften, and it turns more delicate. Those that have fresh fruit flavors might give way to earthy and savory notes. When selecting dishes to match with older wines, make sure that you will tone down the richness and bold flavors by choosing a more straightforward meal. 

7. Matching Wine With Spices 

If you love Indian or Chinese food, pairing them with the right wine can be a challenge. The reason for this is that the strong spices can clash and diminish the flavor of the wine. You can match a highly-spiced curry dish with dry Riesling. Generally, wines that undergo a Germanic style of processing matches well with Asian food. 


It is all about the balance if you want to try out wine and food pairings. Certain dishes pair perfectly with the right type of wine. If you’re going to successfully match food and wine at home during gatherings with family or friends, these tips will help you out. In case the wine does not work with a dish, do not consider it as a mistake. It is useful in helping you make the right decisions on your next wine and food pairing. After you’ve gained some experience, you can go further and host a wine tasting party at home, with your best pairings. Here’s a great guide on how to host such a party on Porch.com