The Challenges Of Picking A Wedding Catering Service

Picking A Wedding Catering Service

Picking the right wedding catering service for your big day can be a real challenge. With the endless options out there, the caterer you’ll be choosing will be entrusted with the most important night of your life. And we all know that most guests will be looking forward to the food. After all, you want the quality of your venue to fit your perfectly planned wedding theme and be up to your standards. 

Wedding planning can be a lot of work, but being mindful of the challenges you’ll be facing can help you figure out how to overcome and avoid them. 

Finding a Flexible Service 

Flexibility will be a crucial thing to look out for, as you pick a wedding caterer. Because every wedding is unique and a reflection of the couple it celebrates, your caterer should be flexible enough to listen to your needs and bring your ideas to life. Most caterers are now aware of the importance of personalization. 

Be on the look-out for a company that would be able to customize your menu, and cater to the dietary restrictions, as well as you and your spouse’s preferences. After booking a caterer, you should speak freely to your service provider about what you like and don’t like. 

Finding the Best Food Quality 

Isn’t the quality of the food the main reason why we choose caterers? You might want to make sure the service providers you are choosing are experts at preparing meals. Keep in mind that no matter how awesome their presentation is, their food will need to be just as good. You and your guests will need to have food that is deliciously fresh once it is served. From preparation to transportation, to set up, your reception’s caterer will need to ensure your venue just popped out of a fairytale! 


  • Go for food tastings: Before rushing into picking a catering service, try out their food yourself. You know you can only trust your own taste buds to find out if they match your preferences or not. 
  • Check online reviews: Online reviews are an efficient way to figure out whether the service provider you are going to hire is trustworthy or not. Check the company’s website and social media accounts to see if they are worth booking or not. Make sure you read plenty of those reviews before opting for a service. 
  • Check for signs of professionalism: You will need to see that for yourself when you go for a food tasting with your caterer. Check the attitude of their customer service. A professional provider will fix any problems that might arise. 

Finding an Experienced Caterer 

Some startup businesses can create wonders that will suit your budget and likings. However, if you are going for a large wedding reception, it is recommended to opt for an experienced catering service.  With all the stress that comes with wedding planning, plans can change and problems might arise. Only an experienced professional will be able to accommodate these issues. 

We see real-life examples of such professionals everywhere around the world. In Australia, for example, an event catering service provider that has been in business since 1962 is known for having very satisfactory reviews for its style and presentation. Experienced businesses are usually more familiar with their local venues, which can help you picture the capacity and overall idea of your event. 

Ask Your Caterer These 8 Essential Questions 

  1. What is included in your fees and what is the cancellation policy?

Look out for any hidden fees, and make sure your deposits are refundable.

2. How many venues have you catered for before?

An experienced caterer will be your best option.

3. Are you licensed?

You wouldn’t want to risk it with a non-licensed food service company.

4. Who will be providing the service on the wedding day?

Get in touch with the person who will be providing the service for your big day.

5. Do you have any sample menus?

Previous wedding menus will give you an idea of the food varieties.

6. What happens to the leftover food?

You might want to pick a caterer who doesn’t throw away leftover food and actually give it to people who need it.

7. How can we tip the staff?

Ask if money should be reserved in advance for tipping.

8. Will you be providing tableware and cutlery?

Make sure you’re aware if you need to pay extra for equipment. 

Wedding caterers should be experienced enough to work hand in hand with the wedding planner to make the newly-weds’ lives easier. Making judgment calls and executing the event perfectly should be the last thing to worry about on your wedding day. Overcoming the challenges you might face happens when you properly choose the right service. After all, you would want nothing on your mind that day but the words “I Do.”

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