20 DC Food Trucks To Be Granted Permission To Serve During The Presidential Inauguration

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

Ever seen the DC Food Trucks? Hey, we’re getting respectable out there! First, NYC food trucks work with the Mayor’s Office and corporate sponsors to serve over 250,000 meals to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Now, food trucks will officially help feed the crowds coming to Washington DC for the upcoming inauguration.

As detailed by the Washington Business Journal, Washington DC will be hosting 800,000 visitors for the upcoming inauguration of President Obama’s 2nd term. While that’s less than half of the 1.8 million visitors who attended the 1st Obama inauguration, it’s should still be a banner day for street vendors.

According to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, 100 vendors and DC Food Trucks applied for a license to vend within the inauguration exclusion zone, and a lottery will be held next week to determine exact placement for the day.

Of the 100, 70 will sell merchandise, 25 food and five both merchandise and food. Of the 25 food vendors, per DCRA, 20 will be DC food trucks, although they haven’t yet announced which ones. [Washington Business Insider]

Should be a strong sales day for those vendors granted permission, although it will likely be one of the longest days they have in quite some time.


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