Momos are a traditional dumpling dish from Tibet and Nepal. I had tasty momos in Amsterdam a couple of years ago at Tibet Restaurant, on the edge of the red-light district. A little closer to home, you can get excellent momos in New York at the Tibetan Kitchen (444 Third Ave, between 30th & 31st St). I’m sure there are other places around New York to get momos, so please put your favorite in the comments for everyone to enjoy.

Delish Recipes has a video to show you how to make momos. If you’re not up to making the flour & water dough, simply buy dumpling wrappers or wonton skins at your favorite Asian grocer. Cooking should be fun and easy, not heavy-duty drudge work.

The fillings are usually ground meat – chicken, pork, lamb or yak (if you want to get super-authentic), spiced with onions, shallots, garlic, coriander, salt, pepper and cumin. In their video, pureed tomatoes are added to the mixture. I wouldn’t do this personally, but that’s the point – feel free to make them to your taste. There’s not one specific way to make a momo.



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