Crispy pork skin - Bali
Crispy pork skin and roast pork
Minced fish satay in Bali
Minced fish satay

The NY Times explored the street food of Bali and came away very impressed.  The many streetside food vendors are known as warungs. They usually are in a modest shack or roadside lean-to with a small counter and a bench where customers sit and eat traditional dishes. The bigger ones are no more than no-frills cafes, sometimes made out of materials like rattan and corrugated metal.

The watchword for street food in Indonesia is variety: minced fish satay, freshly-killed sahsimi, tender roast pork with crispy skin, and grilled chicken with chili garlic and shrimp paste.  Too bad it’s on the other side of the world, not on the other side of town. [NY Times]

Grilled chicken and side dishes in Bali
Grilled chicken and side dishes in Bali