There are so many great vendors at Madison Square Eats, I went back to try the Fatty Snack stall. It’s a veritable blip in Zak Pelaccio’s ever-expanding empire, but an easy, inexpensive way to try their food without spending a ton on dinner at the new Fatty Cue on Carmine St.

At the Fatty Snack stall, they have a choice of two different buns, pork and vegetable. They offer a lunch special of two buns, a side dish and a drink for $9, which was Today’s Lunch.

pork and veggie buns (l. to r.)

I tried the veggie bun first, which had mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts and cilantro. It was tasty, with a nice mushroomy flavor. It was a little weird having noodles in a doughy bun, but they were very thin.

NYSF readers know I’m quite the carnivore, and I definitely preferred the pork bun. It had a light bbq taste and was spicier than I expected. You can see there was a slice of pickle on top too.

The side dishes were a Dijon mustard potato salad or a curried black bean salad. I chose the potato salad, which was large for a side dish, and was really good. The mustard gave it a nice kick, and there were scallions in it too. I didn’t expect the potato salad to be as good as the pork bun, but it was, which was a nice surprise.

I wasn’t sure if these two pork buns would be enough for lunch, but with the potato salad, it was plenty.

Who else should I try at Madison Square Eats? Let me know in the comments.



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