This week only, Rickshaw Dumplings is selling their  popular dumplings inside the Goldman Sachs cafeteria.

As reported in the NY Times DealBook yesterday, Rickshaw used to park near the former Goldman headquarters on Broad Street.  When they moved to 200 West St, a lot of Goldman people emailed them to come to the new building, but Rickshaw could not find parking in the area.

Word traveled inside the company, and a Goldman representative asked Rickshaw to sell dumplings for a week in its cafeteria, which on most days features sushi, a carving station and upscale menu items like truffled macaroni and cheese.

Click through for the vampire squid reference, if you don’t already know it.

Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone magazine wrote an article in 2009 about Goldman Sachs called The Great American Bubble Machine.  In the article, Taibbi famously called Goldman Sachs “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

If you haven’t read the article, check it out, so you can see exactly what they do to earn those multi-billion dollar bonuses every year.  Even when losing hundreds of millions of their and their clients’ money, they still set aside $10 billion for bonuses in 2011. (Yes, billion with a “b”).

And you wonder why people are pissed off.  If you’re not, you should be.

Don’t hold it against Rickshaw though. They are just trying to do some business.