Piaztlan Wins The 2012 Vendy Cup

Country Boys Tacos @2009 Vendys

Continuing the streak of Red Hook Ballfields Vendors, Piaztlan Authentic Mexican Cuisine won the 2012 Vendy Cup for their amazing tacos of carne asada, carnitas and barbacoa. According to the judges, their sauces put them over the top.

Vendors from the Red Hook Ballfields in Brookly have won the Vendy Cup 3 out of the  last 4 years.

Cinnamon Snail won the People’s Choice Award with an awesome portobello carpaccio and guchujang sliders.

Best Dessert was won by Melt Bakery, with some fantastic ice cream sandwiches.

Our buddies from Phil’s Steaks won Rookie of the Year for their delicious and authentic Philly cheese steaks.

Finally, Lumpia Shack won Best Market Vendor for their lumpia, a Filipino take on spring rolls.

Believe it or not, we actually have a dinner party with friends tonight, so detailed writeups of each category will be posted in the coming days.

Tacos from Vendy Cup Winner, Piaztlan