NYSF First Look: Wing’n it Buffalo for Breakfast?

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

Walking down Broadway yesterday, we caught sight of a new food truck at 54th St. The truck is called Wing’n it, and yes, they specialize in chicken wings.

The menu lists grilled, baked, fried and steamed as the choices of cooking method. There were 7 different types of sauces listed, plus a few sides – and even some breakfast items!

We went for 6 of the classic Wing’n Buffalo and 6 of the A.M.W (apricot, maple, whiskey). Half a dozen cost $6 and a dozen is $11.50.

A.M.W. (credit: NYSF)

While they were preparing lunch, we struck up a conversation with Victor and John, the cousins behind Wing’n it. They told me the truck was bought from Marky Ramone’s Cruisin’ Kitchen. Hopefully there’s more demand for wings than balls.

Being a new truck, they were still working out the kinks. In this case, it meant they only had baked wings available at 1pm, the height of lunch hour. The fried and grilled wings were already sold out, and the steamed option was taped over on the truck’s menu.

We started with the A.M.W. so our first taste wouldn’t be tainted by the heat of the buffalo wings on our tongue.

The A.M.W. sauce was a sweet glaze, and the apricot flavor was readily apparent. Nice and fruity. The maple wasn’t as evident, but the faint taste of whiskey did come through.

If you like thick, sweet and fruity bbq sauces, the A.M.W. is a good option, although we would have liked a little more maple flavor in the sauce.

(credit: NYSF)
Wing’n Buffalo (credit: NYSF)

The Wing’n Buffalo came with a choice of ranch or blue cheese, and we’ll always opt for the latter of these two.

Make sure you get one of these two dipping sauces – because these babies are HOT! Ranch or blue cheese dressing are needed to cool things off a bit, but even after dipping, they were still pretty damn spicy.

If you don’t like hot wings, stay away from the Wing’n Buffalo, but if you like heat, definitely give them a try.

A dozen wings held us until dinner, and 1/2 dozen and a side should as well.

There are also combinations you can get with 1/2 dozen wings and a side order of mac & cheese, fried rice (?!) or tater tots. The sides are $3.50 by themself, but only $1.50 with a wings order. That’s the kind of creative pricing we like to see.

Here’s the wings portion of the menu.

You can find Wing’n it on twitter here or on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed. Their facebook is here, but the website link from twitter doesn’t seem to be working.

Not only did they get the wings right, but they got the 2nd most important thing right when serving wings – including plenty of napkins and wipes with each order.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)




  1. I was lucky to spot that the Wing’n’it truck was parked on 47th and park today and literally rushed over to check it out with a coworker noting the twitter warning about selling out early. We made it to the truck at noon to find there was already an eight or ten deep line formed for ordering and we saw at least eight people waiting for wings already ordered. It took at least 15 minutes on line to get to the order window at the front of the truck. Once again, another stellar order taking girl! – cute and super nice! She informed me that they were already out of fried wings, so I ordered half a dozen baked AMW (apricot, maple, whiskey) wings and another six baked Spicy Peanut wings with a side of fried rice. My coworker ordered six baked spicy peanut with a side of mac & cheese.

    And then we waited. About five minutes after we ordered, the order girl announced that the truck was almost out of wings, so the people at the back of the order line (now about 15 deep) may want to make other lunch plans.

    As we waited some more, conversations started between those among us who were waiting for our orders – some of whom were still there waiting since before we got on the order line. Some of the orders were filled but many people were still waiting. Most notably the three guys who were there waiting since before we ever got on the order line.

    It turns out they ordered fried wings. And other people who were waiting ordered grilled wings. At that point, our orders came up (yes, before at least six other people including the three who ordered before we even got there!) Our baked wings were ready and we were outta there! I wished everyone still waiting good luck, especially since it looked like an angry NYC lunchtime downpour was imminent.

    The bags were kind of heavy, so that was a good sign!

    We rushed back to the office and so the feeding began! My coworker opened his spicy peanut first and I liked what I saw! Nice-sized legs and wings and a nice portion of mac and cheese! He tried his wings and he liked them! Hey Mikey! I opened my box and gave him one of my AMW wings since a dozen of these wings plus a side was a lot of food!

    I got back to my desk and decided to eat the spicy peanut first. Boy, they were good! A sweet/spicy thai peanut flavor! And there was a lot of it! They were not stingy with the sauce at all! Super messy and super tasty! Yum!

    I tried the fried rice. It had carrots and peas in there, but it was nothing special. It was a good portion though.

    Feeling a bit full already, I attacked the AMW wings. After the very solid flavor of the spicy peanut, I thought the AMW wings didn’t hold up as well. There was a ton of the sweet-apricoty sauce on the wings, and it sure was tasty! But in contrast to the spicy peanut, they were weak – at least at first. Then after eating a few, my taste buds reset and I really enjoyed the rest of them. In fact, I demolished them!

    So, the wings were good! The portions were good! The order girl was cute and wait was long! So get there early and either order half a dozen with a side or get a dozen and skip the sides. Hopefully, they will improve their process so as to fill orders faster. Being a new truck, I’m sure they will work out a few kinks. I think they should drop the sides and drop a couple of the wings choices. Maybe only offer fried and baked, but I think they need to consolidate to expediate! Other than the wait, great wings!

  2. Thanks for all the gritty details. When we went, it was only 2 guys in the truck. Now we gotta go back!


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