NY City Food Trucks Fight Hunger on World Food Day

You may not know this, but today is World Food Day. To help prevent and treat malnutrition, more than a dozen of the best of NY City Food Trucks will be donating 5% of their sales to the Concern For Hunger campaign.

Concern For Hunger is a movement launched last month with award-winning actress Toni Collette to make extreme hunger history.  More information about the campaign can be found here.

You can help out too. Simply buy lunch from one of the participating NY City Food Trucks, and you will be indirectly donating to this important cause.

Concern For Hunger volunteers will be on hand at most of the locations, so if you would like to donate more money, or volunteer your time, let them know.

Click through to find out where you should have lunch today (i.e. which NYC food trucks will be donating sales to Concern For Hunger).

The NY City Food Trucks currently participating in Concern For Hunger are:

Gorilla Cheese NYC (@gcnyc1), Chinese Mirch (@ChineseMirch), Milk Truck (@milktrucknyc), Toum (@ToumNYC), Valduccis (@valduccis), Phil’s Steaks (@PhilSteaks), Snap (@SnapTruck), Mexico Blvd (@MexicoBlvd), and Red Hook Lobster (@Redhooklobster).

All the participating food trucks are members of the New York Food Truck Association, who took an active hand in putting this event together. Great job all!