We recently got wind of a new food truck that should be opening in New York in February called Mexico Blvd.  (First their twitter said opening Jan. 2012.  Now it says opening Feb. 2012.)

tacos de bistec (beef tacos)

Their website says they have a basic, simple philosophy: “We are here for you to eat part of our culture, enjoy the satisfaction of our unique flavors, ultimately making you to come back. We are here in New York to make our passion a reality, to bring you the best flavors we can provide, to satisfy the people and bring smiles.”

flautas (chicken-potato-bean)

In addition to beef, pork and shrimp tacos and quesadillas, Mexico Blvd will be serving flautas, 5 types of tortas (sandwiches) and guacamole made to order.  I’m not sure how that will impact waiting times – we’ll have to see, bit it sounds delicious.

torta de lomo (tenderloin)

You can follow Mexico Blvd on twitter here and their menu is here.  We have added them to our Mobile Munchies twitter feed, and we will keep you up to date on when they expect to hit the street.